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Percy's P.O.V

"Pigfarts"I say under my breath,"anyway cool when do we go?"
Harry chose this chance to pipe up. "You go when the school starts. But be warned keep you and your death eater friends away from me and my friends."
Nico sighs"when are you going to get it through that thick skull of yours. WE DONT WANT TO EAT THANATOS."I try not to laugh at the absurdity of it all. I notice harry look at Ron and they both nod. They raise their wands and yell stupefy, red and blue lights fly towards us and I flinch. One of them hit me and Annabeth and I grab her hand, unthinkingly. Everything goes black as we hit the floor.

Hermione P.O.V

"WHAT DID YOU DO HARRY!"I yell looking at the body's on the floor.
He smiles but it fades quickly as I glare at him. "It's easier to bring them there like this especially the way they were acting, right Ron?" He says looking at Ron expectantly.
"Well I don't think it's right."I huff.
"Me neither, but as it's done we must work with it. Harry, Ron and Hermione, if you will, I will collect them later on."Dumbledore says holding his arm out. Harry grabs on as do me and Ron. Soon we are back at number twelve grimauld (sorry if I spelt it wrong.) place. Dumbledore disappears soon after, then arriving with Percy and his friends. Harry And Sirius help lupin tie them to the chairs, Dumbledore has gone again, for interrogating them later. Personally I think there's no point. Did they not notice the aura of power around them?

Percy's P.O.V

Groaning, I lift my head to see a dimly lit room. I look around and notice my friends slumped in some other chairs. I shake my hands and realise they are bound to the chair with rope. Ha. Not gonna be stuck here for long then. "Shh I can hear one of them waking up."a few people including the three children from before walk in. I smile in greeting and say"where are we and why are we tied up? And where's Gandalf?"
As the intelligent seaweed brain I am they look at me blankly before the guy with glasses hisses"shut up death eater-"
"As I think we've already said, we don't want to eat Thanatos thank you."
"-you have been tied up for our safety-"
"Your safety what about our safety?"
"-And I don't actually think you are wizards."
"Well like it or not, Gandalf said we are."I say smiling.
Nico stirs and grumbles"persassy strikes again."then sits up and stares glasses in the eyes, waiting for him to look away.

Glasses goes red and then stares at the guys I think is called Sirius. Sirius coughs then leans down in front of me.
"Who are you really?"
"Percy Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Annabeth chase and Thalia no name."I say pointing to each of us in turn,"who are you?"
"Sirius black, Harry Potter, Hermione granger, Ron Weasley and Remus lupin."he says. I smile and nod.
"Which ones the werewolf?" Nico asks,"I know it's him but what's his name?"
Lupin leans down and stares Nico in the face. "How do you know I'm a werewolf?!"
"Cus you smell like one."
Remus goes red and starts muttering about rude children.

Thalia and Annabeth wake up now as well. I don't get these guys, they tell us we are wizards, then attack us and then interrogate us. Wizards are strange. "Hey percy where are we?"my wise girl asks. I shrug looking at Sirius.
"I asked but I think they just ignored me. Oh hey here's gandalf."
"Dumbledore, Perseus-"
"Percy, Dumbledore"I say with a smile. He smiles as well and continues.
"Percy, I did not tell them to do this. As for where you are we are not sure it is safe to say yet. You four are indeed wizards and there are more like you at hogwarts."he says casting a meaningful look at us, saying we will talk about this later. Harry explodes in anger and even raises his wand again. "Sirius, Remus, please untie our guests o I can have a chat with them."Dumbledore asks politely. They nod their heads and soon we are untied and walking around with Gandalf.

Me: I do not own the characters they belong to Rick Riordan or J.K Rowling.
Dumbledore: stop acting like children.
Leo: but we are children. *pouts*
Me: where did you come from?
Leo: somewhere
Annabeth: Leo I swear on the river Styx that when I find you I will kill you.
Piper: and me
Hazel:and me
Leo: ladies, ladies, you can all have a super sized mcshizzle of Leo. Get in line.

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