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Annabeth P.O.V

I can't help but think that these wizards don't like me. There's plenty of evidence for it but Percy and the others don't seem bothered. I guess we can't just expect them to welcome us, speaking of that we need a cover story.
"As you already know you are part wizards and you will be going to hogwarts. Lady Hecate blessed you so you can be wizards to protect Harry Potter. Percy, you have an evil grandad-"
"-called Voldemort-"
"Mouldyshorts?"nico questions
"-And you must protect harry from him at all costs. But beware he may also want you, as you are his grandson and a bit more powerful than harry. Well all four of you are."Dumbledore finishes.

Percy snorts, Thalia looks at him then punches him. I punch her then nico punches me, and before long we are in a fight. Loud footsteps thunder down the corridor and Sirius and Remus I think are pulling us away from eachother. "Thalia! I wasn't laughing at you I swear! I was laughing at mouldshorts name! I mean who is called moudlyshorts!"Percy whines, pulling himself away from Remus and trying to give Thalia a hug. She scowls but hugs him anyway. "What were you doing? You can't just fight eachother in my house!"Sirius yells.
"We are cousins. We don't always get along smoothly, but it's better after we fight, and besides we don't really hurt eachother."I say calmly. Nico snorts, wiping some blood away from his cheek.

"Normally..."I correct myself.
Remus looks confused while glasses, the girl and the redhead look amused. "So, your coming to hogwarts then, What lesson are you looking forward to most? Oh I'm hermione."the girl says. I smile at her but receive a glare from glasses and his friend. "'Mione don't talk to the death eaters. They'll probably kill you! I'm harry by the way. Harry Potter."he sneers rubbing his forehead. I shrug"and?"
"Blimey harry, they don't know who you are!"the redhead says.
"That's ron."hermione points out.
"You've not heard of me? The chosen one ring any bells?"
"No not really glasses. Though that is quite a cool scar. Wanna see one of mine?"Percy retorts. Harry reddens and goes to punch harry. "Dinner!"the women, molly Weasley i think, calls.
"Is it blue?!"Percy yells running to the kitchen. I smile and follow him with Thalia and nico.

Hermione P.O.V

Blue food? Who has blue food? These people are strange. I tried to make small talk over dinner.
"So Thalia, are you looking forward to getting your wand?"I asked cautiously.
"Wand? Like abracadabra do?"Percy asks, I nod and his eyes lit up. "Let's get them to tomorrow!

(Time skips are fun, time skips are cool, lets skip to when Percy and gang were getting their wands.)

Percy's P.O.V

When we stopped outside a shop I tried to read the sign and it said vandersollives. I frowned. "What's wrong Percy?" Hermione asks. "I can't read It, I'm dyslexic. We all are."I says linking my fingers in annabeths. I look over to thalia and see her doing the same with nico. Hermione eyes widen"it...it....says ollivanders.... it's a wand shop."she stutters. I smile and almost run into the door."I knew that was there." I didn't really but you know, when you want a wand you don't really care. As soon as I walk in I'm disappointed. There's no one there. "Helooooooo?"my voice echoes. We head a yelp and a small elderly man I assume is Ollivander (srry if it's spelt wrong.) comes scuttling out from behind some shelves. When he sees me his jaw might as well have been on the floor.

"P...P...Percy.....jacks....on?The Percy Jackson..?"he stutters staring at me. I shrug and smile. "My names Percy jackson if that's what you mean."I say giving him a look that he should definitely know as 'Shut up'. (Sorry, really sorry, but I'm gonna get rid of thalia. I can't really get her into the story so just bear with me. Just remember that thalia isn't here anymore. Pretend she left. I'll put it into the story somehow.)
It was quite annoying to find a wand for each of us to start with. I must have gone through about fifty wands before we found one that suited me. "Ahh. Percy this wand may work for you. It is an extremely powerful wand made of Cypress wood with a Phoenix feather core, and annabeth I think I have yours as well."

"As you two are so close I think the mahogany wand with a Phoenix feather core, the feather from the same Phoenix as Percy. They are both extremely powerful so be careful. That's seven galleons please."he says passing us our wands. I wave mine and the smell of the ocean wafts through the room. As annabeth waves her all the broken pieces in the room magically fix themselves. "This one I think will suit you fine nico. It's a pine wood wand with a thestral tail feather core."ollivander says as well, passing nico his wand. I turn around to see the stares of harry, Ron and Hermione, I smile as I walk out the shop and head towards one that looks incredibly interesting.

Me: i do not own any of the characters, they belong to Rick Riordan o J.K Rowling.
Ollivander: Percy Jackson, it is a pleasure to meet you. I've heard so much.
Percy: umm...errr....yeah *blushes* annabeth helped.
Annabeth: you bet I did seaweed brain.
Nico: and me, don't forget me!
Harry: What are you talking about?
Me: interesting stuff you wouldn't understand.

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