Important A/N

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Hey just wanna say that I'm gonna try to do a fanfic for Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. It's probs not gonna be any good but if u read it then I'm thanking you! I'll try my best but you need to help for this to happen. NO PROMISES ON UPLOADS. I'll try to do it regularly but I cant promise because I'm going through a bit of writers block. Actually I'm hoping that writing this will help.

Believe that all characters are alive, apart from some of the army in the war against Gaea.
Percabeth,thalico and caleo are happening guys!
It's in the beginning of the order of the Phoenix and after the war of Gaea but pretend harry and Percy are the same age.

Hope u enjoy this and feel free to correct my (many) mistakes

Caitlin, fifth year hufflepuff, daughter of Athena.//////

Edit : so I've discontinued this but left it published to let people know that eventually, there will be a new book. It will be based on this but written better, and hopefully more enjoyable for you guys.

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