25 ~ Her

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A/N: I've finally reached the 50k words mark, thus ending this writing challenge. I know there are a lot I have to cover for editing month, but I will think of that when the time comes. Thank you for reading this story until the end. I wouldn't have successfully accomplished this without your support. Again, thank you everyone! ~ Mel.



Day 365 – With you

For weeks earlier, all I've done was packed. However, some of my things were already boxed after I moved out my apartment. The things that I left need to cram were the clothes I wore daily. But last night, I've already put them away on my one of my carry on luggage. After getting dressed up for today, leaving a few clothes for tomorrow and tonight, I headed down stair towards the kitchen for breakfast.

I hadn't expected any guest so early in the morning. Yet welcoming by the shove, flipping a misshaped pancake was none other than Collin himself. Being a chef, the chances of him cooking were slim. But he does occasionally volunteer for the job.

"How did you get in the house?" I inquired in surprised while lingering behind the island counter, catching him briefly off guard at my sudden entrance.

"Your mom let me in. And I was supposed to surprise you with breakfast in bed," he answered sadly and turned his attention back on the heated pan.

"You've asked my mother to let you sneak in here early? Well, I'm not surprise, but her allowing you to borrow the kitchen, even I couldn't do some of my culinary experiments without her approval."

"I'm one of her favorite people. Of course she'll give me her sign of approval." He remarked, glancing at me briefly to give me a wink.

"So what are you making? I can see pancakes, but I couldn't assume with you behind the stove." I teased and walked around, studying the fry pan again.

"It's a pancake, I assure you."

"It's that chocolate chip?" I grabbed a bag of what looked like mini Hersey kisses.

"Yes, it is." He beamed, proud at the choice.

I shifted the topic about today's schedule. "Should I expect a lot more pampering throughout the day with this? Should I expect some sort of grand send off party tonight?"

He shifted slightly as he flipped the newly cooked pancake on the pan. From the angle, it was difficult to make out of his facial expression.

"It's new years eve, Emi. Of course there will be a party tonight, even if your flight is early first thing in the morning."

I pursed my lips, trying to hide my disappointment. Deep inside, though he planned it to be a surprise, I wanted to spend my last day with him and family. Not in a party crammed with people who I mostly didn't know or cared. But I know Collin wanted to have some normalcy even on our last days together before I headed out to Italy.

For weeks, we brought up the topic. Yet time and time again we'd only ended up in square one and in a mild argument. Even if we decided to work our differences, the foreseeable distance we were going to face was going to be a challenge. But we knew what we were facing after deciding to get back together. However, three days ago, we took the time to seat down for a day and just talk.

We sat in the living room couch of Collin's new apartment. The place looked like a step up from our last living situation. Everything was place immaculately, so I questioned the choice.

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