Him: Day 45 - New life

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I sipped on my mug of black coffee while studying my bare apartment. My assessment only lasted until I finished half of the coffee, or I'd be late for today's appointment. I was meeting with an interior designer for my new bachelor's pad. The two-bedroom and bathroom condominium was an upgrade from my college apartment. Though I lived in a similar space, I didn't want to ponder on that thought.

After breakfast, I headed downtown and arrived at the business district of the city. I parked my ride beside the other motorcycles and then moved towards the building where the interior firm office was located. The spacious lobby momentarily captured my attention as I walked up towards the receptionist. The woman hardly took notice of me until I cleared my throat, announcing my presence.

"Excuse me, what floor is the interior design firm?"

The woman glanced up and did a double-take before giving me both a professional and her flirtiest smile. "That will be on the seventh floor, sir. Is there something else I could help you with?"

I shook my head and backed away from the counter in the direction of the elevator. "No. I'm good. Thank you for the tip, miss."

The woman blushed at my reply and lingered her gaze until I looked away. Even when I half-ran towards the elevator, saved by the door that hadn't closed on me, I still felt her gaze boring on the back of my head. Her obvious advances made me agitated, which wasn't the first time I've encountered such a bold approach. I've always been oblivious to flirtation from the opposite sex except for one in the last three years. I remember her pointing out the same incident in the back of my head when we were out on our usual weekend date nights.


"Come on. You seriously did not notice the waitress was trying to flirt with you – even if it was obvious we were on a date," she argued as we walked back to our place.

"You see things. She wasn't flirting. She smiled at me and was being polite."

"You're just too oblivious with this kind of thing, which was why it nearly took you half a way to ask me out."

I arched my eyebrow in challenge. "It wasn't that. I took my time and got to know you better before taking the leap of faith."

"No. You finally ask me when I told one of our mutual friends that I liked you. If I hadn't said anything or assured them of my intention, I'm sure it would have taken a year."

"But you still waited..." I countered, feeling my defeat.

"Of course. Since we were actually talking and bonding, I decided it was worth the wait," she beamed proudly.

I squeezed her hand. I held in my grasp and smile. "And I'm glad you did."


I snapped out of my daze when the elevator stopped on the seventh floor. Stepping out, I was greeted yet again with another reception desk. But this time I was spared and faced a man, who was busy staring at his computer monitor. I had to clear my throat again to get his attention. Once we looked up, I informed him why I was here. The receptionist checked some sort of list on the computer and told me to sit while waiting for his signal.

The lounge area seemed comfy enough with couches, a coffee table centerpiece with reading material nearly pile on the center. I decided against the reading material while waiting. Instead, I checked a few work emails on my phone. I've missed it this morning.

When I finally called, I was led towards a private office with a familiar name plated outside the door. Zack, who was referred by his infamous new girlfriend, Veronica, had mentioned Marisa Stanton. At first, I wasn't exactly a fan of the idea. But I leaped and checked out their website and projects. Hence, it explained my meeting with this particular interior designer.

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