Him: Day 90 - Against all I believe in

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A typical Friday would usually be waking up and heading to work. But today, there was a bit of a delay with my schedule since it wasn't just any ordinary day – especially to one of my close and best friends, Zack. It was his birthday.

Per Jake's text last night, we were having breakfast with Zack and his girlfriend. The tone of his message led me to believe it wasn't his idea in the first place. Veronica might have jumped on him at some point since Jake and Zack were living in the same apartment complex.

Upon my arrival at my friend's apartment building, Veronica looked hyped while holding a small box with both hands. I didn't need to ask what's in it since, obviously, it was his birthday cake (well, more like a cupcake).

"What took you so long? But at least you made it. Zack is still asleep as planned," she whispered firmly. There was no point in keeping our voice down when we were in the hallway outside his apartment. He couldn't possibly overhear us outside.

"Why are we doing this again?" I muttered dryly. Veronica guided Jake and me inside his place since she had a spare of his apartment key.

"We're just humoring her. And besides, Zack likes Veronica." Jake answered with a teasing grin.

"Obviously, Zack like this girl. He wouldn't have kept her if he doesn't," I pointed softly, watching Veronica's back while she walked on ahead of us.

"Why don't you like Veronica?" He inquired. He understood the underlying tone to my words, per usual.

"I don't hate her, dude. She's nice, and Zack likes her. It's just that she's..." I trailed off, not sure how to properly phrase the words.

"Dude, she's not Emilia."

"Of course not. Why'd you even think that?" I abruptly interrupted, a bit surprised by his response. "She and Veronica don't even look alike, and personality-wise, Veronica is perky and unexpected."

"Everything Emilia isn't. But still, she reminds you of her?"

Looking at how the conversation turned completely out of topic, I evasively changed the subject once we reached Zack's bedroom door. Veronica, taking the lead, opened the apartment. It was then I noticed her comfy outfit. She must have spent the night with Zack.

The surprise went well as it should, based on Veronica's wide grin and Zack giving her a quick kiss, sparing his two best friends who were bystanders in their love feast. After the singing and the blowing of a candle on the cupcake, Veronica led all three of us to the kitchen, where she cooked enough food for everyone present. We took our time eating and discussing his small party later in the evening. It was a wonder Zack didn't suggest going to a club, as we usually do. Seeing him ogled at Veronica—his eyes rarely tore away from her—you don't need proof what they have was real. My best friend had fallen in love. And I am happy for him.

Once the morning celebration ended, Jake and I were tasked to handle the drinks and a few snacks for tonight. Thankfully, we weren't in-charge of the party games and entertainment, which was Veronica's job. Our idea of fun involved a PlayStation and a tv screen.

We decided to meet at the coffee shop after work before the party to get the drinks. Jake would be driving since I have a motorcycle. So, Jake and I carpool to work like when I used to stay at his place.

The day breeze through swiftly. By six in the evening, Jake texted me he was on his way. When he arrived, I quickly ran through with Ron to close up the shop tonight and left the establishment. The staff had sent their regards to Zack.

On the drive to the liquor store, Jake suddenly brought back up our conversation this morning. Something I thought he'd comprehend not to point out again.

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