Her: Day 15 - Forget him, not

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Over the weekend, my sister got time off work and decided to took the time to drive for a visit. I found her actions doubtful once she told me. But I hadn't inquired her motive since she was making an effort, which was rare. Usually, it was my mother, or I, who took shifts visiting her.

Once Nina arrived, it was quickly no longer a day of peace. Having a sister who's a lawyer had its pros and cons. And the cons are getting under cross-examination about your personal relationship.

"So, tell me the details." She directly addressed the matter after placing her luggage in the living room.

"Can you at least get settled first, and then we grab something to eat or go shopping before we talk about something depressing?" I asked bleakly.

"If we prolong this, you'd keep finding ways to avoid the topic. And you've been avoiding it for the past two weeks with my calls," she retorted. "How did the conversation led to you two decided to end it? Were you a reasonable and levelheaded one? Plus, Collin isn't one to have an emotional outburst."

"No. It's nothing too movie-like break-up. It was rather uneventful, actually... we talked, and he decided to sleep over at his friend's place. He got the rest of this thing a few days later when I'm not around."

"So why are you so gloomy? You wanted this, right? You wanted out of this relationship?"

For a second, I was stumped. But I answered nonetheless. However, the words were a knee jerk reaction. "Of course."

"Then, tell me this. Why are you so gloomy?" she pressed.

"I really don't know," I replied and turned away. "Since I've already answered your question, can we start our itinerary for the day?" I evasively changed the topic, which did the trick.

"You made us an itinerary for today?"

"You know me. And if you don't like going for a bit of spa this afternoon, I really don't have much back up for that—and I do need that spa treatment. My shoulders are killing me for a while now." I patted my right shoulder in emphasis.

She huffed in defeat and rolled her eyes. "Fine. We'll do the spa this afternoon. Where are we having lunch?"

"How about we'll have lunch at the bistro? After that, we can head straight to the spa."

"Great! We'll surprise and take mom with us."

I chuckled at her confidence. Being the youngest, she has her own charms, which I don't have. And one of them was getting our mom away from work. Even I didn't have much power if we worked at the same place. It was a miracle I'm able to sway her out there every night for sleep. She was such a workaholic as her two daughters. At least for us, we know when to get out for some fresh air. But it was her charm. My mother lived and breathed her job.

Arriving at the bistro, I saw Nina peering across the street towards the coffee shop. I pretended I hadn't noticed and entered ahead. Nate greeted us, seemingly surprised at my appearance. He escorted us to a table on the far back near the kitchen door.

"What would you two be having today?" he asked after handing Nina a menu. He didn't bother giving me one—obviously.

"Where's mom?" I asked, looking towards the cash register where she'll mostly be.

"She's at the office."

"Could you please tell her we're here? And tell Penny I'm dining. She knows what I like," I asked and added with a smile.

"Got it, Chef. And for you, Nina?" Nate turned to my sister with an uncharacteristically huge grin.

"I'll have the wild mushroom Alfredo, Nate. Thank you," she replied with a smile as well.

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