21 ~ Her

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A/N: Hey everyone! Updated a bit early today since I'm so tired. And I didn't want to leave you all hanging. That't not me. Anyways, there are 4 more to go. Thank you for reading and supporting this story even though it's just a rough draft. I appreciate it. ~ Mel.


Day 290 – Please Listen

Walking back to the bistro, I hadn't expected I was in a surprise. I noticed his back towards him as I entered the front door, rather than taking the back exit for easy access on staff. Looking at Nate standing in front of him, it took me a second to realize they were in sort of an argument.

"Collin?" I called out, trying to pry him away from Nate.

Rather than responding, he suddenly grabbed my hand and dragged me back out of the bistro. I wanted to speak up or pulled him away, but then in the back of my mind I stopped myself. This was it. This was the moment we could talk. But will he listen?

We abruptly stopped on the need of the street. Collin spun around and turned his attention on me. There was no hesitation or regret plastered on his face. He was serious.

"Let's talk." His first words were concise.

"Okay," I frankly replied.

There was a brief pause between us while we waited for either to talk. He spoke up first again.

"Aren't you angry or annoyed I've dragged you out there?" He inquired in disbelief.

"Actually... I've been meaning to talk to you. I just couldn't do it..." I trailed off in admission.


"There is something I wanted to say. Something that I should have said the last time we met. But I couldn't seemed to find the words then... and I'm not sure I could find the words now."

"You're doing well than you usually do, Emilia," he remarked proudly. "Truth to be told, this is the first time I see you act this way."

I arched my eyebrow in wonder. "Really? I thought I'm very outspoken even before..." I muttered in disagreement.

He shook his head and smiled sadly. "How about we find somewhere private? I think the street is hardly the right place for this conversation." He stated the obvious.

"You're the one who'd dragged me out of there..." I suddenly realized and processed what had happened. "Oh, goodness. How am I going to explain to everyone what happened back there? They'll want to know why you've just dragged me out of there. And Nate's going to talk."

"Worry about that later. We can talk at the café two blocks from here. I think no one would look for us this close to them," he suggested and bushed off my concerns.

I pursed my lips but didn't argue. "Okay. Lead the way."

It was a silent ten-minute walk. But we kept on catching each other sneaking a glance. Reaching the café, my head had been swirling with words and prepping my speech for him. Would I be able to tell him this time? Would I get chocked up again?

But we didn't gone straight to the main conversation until we've gotten the drinks we ordered. I'm not sure I could stomach anything edible while we are talking. So I settled for something warm to keep my nerves from spilling out. And I was nearly over the edge from anxiety at what I was about to do. Had he felt this way when he decidedly told me the same thing almost six month after we broke up? Was I too late?

The later question was the majority cause of my worry. If I am too late, I need to know before I tell him. Though I knew it was cowardly on my part for not admitting my feeling, I wouldn't be able to spend the rest of the day with a poker face if he'd rejected me. But had he gone through the rest of that day when he nearly grovel to get me back? Should I put myself in the same situation as payment for what I did to him?

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