20 ~ Him

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Day 290 - Let's talk

It's been three weeks since I start seeing Emilia going in and out of the bistro across the street. But every time I met her gaze, I saw the same glint of sadness in her eyes before smiling and turning away. Not once she came over to talk nor I did anything vice versa. And then I started to wonder. Did she know about Marisa and I? Is that why she kept her distance?

I wasn't able to find out about this intuition until Marisa came over the coffee shop for a brief meeting. It was a change of pace from our usual meeting at the construction site or at her office. Though we've been to other place for our casual dates, yet not at my shop. I've always kept her away only because my employee would start asking thing or telling her embarrassing tales about me.

As Marisa texted me on time that she was close, I rushed outside and waited for her. Glancing down at my watched, I peered across the street the same time I heard my name being called. And there she was, standing by the door over the bistro. Like the sound of my name alarmed her of my presence, she met my gaze for a second. Then she peered towards Marisa who had called out to me. For the briefest moment, I saw a pained expression on her face. And this time, she didn't smile toward me. Instead, she turned and walked away.

I wasn't sure what would I do if my intuition was right, or what I had done was justifiable. Nevertheless, what I've done only put me back on a pedestal. Why did she look that way? Why did it bother her? Did it mean what I think it means?

"Collin? Hey, is something wrong?" I snapped out of my trance as I felt Marisa's hand placed on my arm.

Pushed all thought aside and gave her my full attention. "No. I'm fine. Was the bus ride here a bit difficult? I could have picked you up, you know." I inquired.

She rolled her eyes and brushed off the offer. "It's close, Collin. I don't want you to waste gas for a five minute bus ride."

"And not get a chance to have you wrapped your arms around me?" I teased cheekily.

"Oh please, I know you're the one who wanted my arms wrapped around me. You only need to ask, Collin. I won't bite." She flirty stated.

I chuckled and shook my head, defeated by her straightforward response. Even if I did try and humor her with it, she'd always leave me speechless with her sassy comebacks. She wasn't one to be trifled with.

As I escorted her inside the shop, all my thought about Emilia's reaction had been pushed at the darkest part of my mind. And the smile on my face had become genuine. It was the effects of her charms and charisma. It was easy and comfortable being in her presence, which was why I'm able to be genuine and real around her.

"So what's the house specialty? From the drafting I did last light, I need my usual caffeine fix."

"Is that another reason why you agreed to date me?" I playfully inquired as I walked her towards the register.

"Maybe..." she let her words linger to create some tension. "It probably is one of the many reason."

Reaching the counter, Edith started glancing between us knowingly. And then her gaze fell on Marisa. A beaming professional smile replaced her keenness.

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