18 ~ Him

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Day 272 – Strangers again

My day was packed, which wasn't something new since construction had started two weeks ago. I've been driving back and forth from the new store and the old one. But Ron and Edith had cut me some slack, and occasionally closed the store in the evening when I'm to drain riding back to the store. However, the new shop wasn't the only thing keeping me occupied for the past few weeks.

Marisa and I were surprisingly enjoyed a few more dinner dates, and occasionally lunch dates. After I've came to terms with my own worries and feeling for Emilia, especially the recent discussion we had, I had grown out of the nearly depressing state I'd been – well, I had been depressed for weeks after her rejection.

My friends had question about my motives on keeping this relationship with Marisa. They thought I'm using her as a rebound. But it was more than that. She helped me forget Emilia. Though my feeling towards her weren't yet as strong as I once had with my ex, it was a gradual change. Plus, it was difficult not to find her attractive. Marisa was classically a beautiful woman with poise and elegance. Being with her made me want to do better for myself.

At one point, my friends had inquired as well whether I was serious with her. I'm not the kind of man who played around with romance. Sure I had a few flings in my early teen year and throughout college, but I didn't have multiple women or sleeping around. But it wasn't as serious as they expected it to be.

"We're still having fun being with each other and not label things yet," I explained after the question was brought up.

"But doesn't she asked you? Doesn't she wonder?"

"I'm not sure. Though we both talked about it. And we both agreed."

"Why do you always get lucky with the non clingy ones? Emilia and then now with Marisa, how did you even get these women?" Jake inquired in frustration.

"Don't ask me an impossible question? Even I don't really know myself," I muttered in defense.

"But I'm glad that you and Marisa are getting along fine. Veronica and I are happy for you. Well, Vivi's happier about it – how do you feel about a double date? She insisted that I raised this question...please say yes," Zack trailed off, looking at me pleadingly.

After that, the conversations headed south and focused on us teasing Zack for bowing down to every word his girlfriend ask of him. But Zack didn't look he was doing it against his will. He truly did love his girlfriend Veronica. I could see it from the glint in his eyes.

Arriving at the construction site, a growing smile tugged on the edge of my lips. Now I was the newly whipped guy in our group. Jake had teased me about this a few days ago, and made me feel awful for leaving him as the only single guy in the group. Though he had lots of flings, he wasn't the type to settle with one until he was sure of the girl. That characteristic of his was opposite from his actual personality. But I wouldn't question it. He had his reason for being so timid with love.

Entering the messy, makeshift entrance, I tried not to touch any wooden frame or glass for fear it wasn't stable enough. When my eyes found what it was looking for, the first thing I saw was her back towards me. Hearing my entrance, she turned and beamed.

"You're late." Marisa lightly scolded rather than greeted.

"I made a quick visit at the shop before coming here. And the boss couldn't be considered late. We're always on time." I defended cheekily as halted a good inch away from her, placing my hand around her shoulder. "You look beautiful today." I remarked to lessen the tension of my response, which had the possibility to backfire.

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