17 ~ Her

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Day 205 – Please listen

Since we've arrived this morning, Shayne and I had been around town while I gave him a brief tour of the place. But not once had I addressed the reason for our sudden visit in town. I was still lightly in denial on what I was about to do. We kept – well, I kept – ourselves distracted with certain attractions in town. And during lunch, I caved in and took him to the bistro for lunch. As a chef, he was a bit critical with the menu and food. However I shut him down before Penny get to hear any of his nonsense feedback. She was doing well on taking over my job.

While we were in the vicinity, I gave him a brief tour on the kitchen out back. While Shayne and Penny's sous chef, Kean, were talking, we were having a silent discussion ourselves. Penny had brief pushed me aside, inquiring about my companion – obviously.

"Are you two dating? How serious is it? Is he going to Italy with you?" It was like a rapid-fire question the moment we were out of earshot.

"Chill out, Penny. I already told you we aren't like that," I replied, referring to the times we call or chatted each other online. Even we were far apart, our friendship couldn't easily be dented by distance. And I only hoped my romantic relationship were the same, but surely the two aren't nearly the same.

"If you say that, then why are you two here on a trip together? You didn't call to tell me he's with you in this short visit. Why the secrecy?"

"This is why I kept it secret. You'll start giving me fifty question if I've said something yesterday."

"I'm not that bad," she huffed in defiance, looking slightly hurt at the comment. But it didn't bother much longer as she looked over at Shayne again. "But, goodness, I never thought he looked this good in person. He might not be photogenic, but he surely give any girl a wet dream when they see him."

"Penny! Time and place, good god... and you already have Kean to swoon over." I huffed in disbelief.

"It doesn't hurt to appreciate a man's beautiful physique."

I rolled my eyes at her defense and headed back to Shayne. They were in middle of discussing about Kean's educational background in Italian cuisine when we joined them. Penny seemed to be well versed by this, nodding along and commenting about Kean's work. From how Kean smiled and glows at Penny's approving tone, it was quiet obvious there was more between this two since I was here. If I asked Penny to share her side of her romantic venture, I'm not sure I could be ready to hear a detail description of her escapade.

Once we were done on our short tour, I pushed Shayne out of the bistro before my own mother start asking me question about him. When I saw a mischievous glint on her eyes while watching Shayne and I bantering about the head chef we worked under, I know she'd read too much on the situation. And I wasn't ready for the conversation just yet. Plus, Shayne and I were just friends. Nothing more.

After the bistro, we toured around the city. We've become a bit touristy as entered through museums and parks. Even I was a bit surprised at some of the places we've visited, which I hadn't been since living in this town. When mid-afternoon came, he took a break with out little adventures and decided to relax at a nearby café. When I saw the dessert display on their counter, I was drawn inside.

"I've never peg you as a dessert girl," Shayne commented with a chuckle.

"I have my moments. And I feel like eating something sweet to rejuvenate me from all the walking we've just done." I chortled and halted as we made our way at the back of the line. There were only two more customers in front of us. And the place weren't as packed as I thought it'd be.

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