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Mike Lewinsky PoV (Lauren's father)

"Surpriseeee...." we all shouted at the top of our lungs as my brother Jordan, his wife Jennifer, their two sons Nick and Neil, and I entered the room with a shit eating grin on everyone's faces.

My wife Linda crouched up on the bloody mess, lay down on the floor to create a realistic and creepy atmosphere.

I frown and look around for Lauren.

"Hey, guys! Where is Lauren?" I asked the laughing group, including my giggling baby boys Matthew, Nick and Neil.

They stop their laughing fest and looked at me weirdly.

"Uncle Mike she should be here somewhere." Nick began, while gesturing to the whole room and ended with a humm when his eyes found empty space where he was confidently pointing.

I rolled my eyes at him and looked toward Neil in expectation, putting my hand on my waist in exertion.

Neil didn't answer, instead he started to look for Lauren. He bent down to look under the bed meanwhile I searched behind the drapes.

My frown starts deepening with every passing second.

I looked toward Jordan and Jennifer, who was helping my wife with a heavy dress and sticky makeup on.

"Guys!" Everyone's head turned toward me. I cleared my throat.

"I don't see our, prank target." I added silently.

They all start looking in different directions at once in the hope to find her first.

When they all found nothing, everyone looked at each other with a worried glance.

"Mike, had you checked the closet? I am not sure because of the earplugs, but I felt the pair moving toward them." My wife asked, and moved toward the bathroom.

The relief flooded in me, of course she will be in the closet. Where could she possibly go. I know, maybe she is crying, but hey, it's Halloween time. She being the prank queen can take a prank, right.

I tried to argue with my own heart, but the father side in me was still scared for my little girl.

Everyone gathered around the closet door to experience the frightened look of our very own prank master Lauren.

"Hey, wait for me." My wife added and quickly squeezed herself in for a look too.

I rubbed my hand and pushed opened the closet door in one go.

"Surprise!" Morons behind me shouted once again.

"Sulplaizeeee" Matthew added his own version of surprise at the end and start clapping in happiness for pranking her own prank monster sister.

We shared a quick laugh at his excitement of seeing his sister crying, but it faded as we found the closet empty.

Linda moved our clothes and checked the big drawers, even some of the smaller ones. It's evident now that she is loosing her nerves.

We all scan the whole room, closet and bathroom again, but come empty handed.

Linda hugged Matthew.

"Dammit, Lauren where are you." My brother, Nick and Neil went down to look around the house.

"Nothing!" Jordan huffed between breathes.

"Nothing, nothing!" Comes one after another from Nick and Neil.


"If she is pranking us in return this time, I am seriously taking her to a mental hospital in the morning." Jennifer gulped in fear.

I looked at her weirdly, worry seeping through my bones for my baby girl.

Everyone starts discussing what the next move is and where Lauren could be.

I started calculating if Lauren actually entered our bedroom or not, but the shattered lamp cleared my confusion.

She surely was in here before.

I moved toward the only window of the room to check if she is not dangling from the window to get back at us.

I moved my hand in a position to help Lauren if needed, but before I could touch the window handle.

My phone chimed.

"Nothing as it seems."

Six pairs of eyes look toward me abruptly and I gulped.

I quickly removed my phone from my jeans pocket and all the color from my face drained.

Looking toward everyone, I confirmed the fear I watched in their eyes.

"It's Lauren," I whispered just so you could barely hear my voice.

The room fell silent as the ringing stopped, the only sound in the entire room was the clock ticking.

Until the phone rang again.


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