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● R e c a p e ●

I wanted to scream at the very thought, but my voice was stuck inside me, and my eyes started widening with every next moment. The light start to flicker again, and when it flickered once, a big fly started rounding it, followed by next one, then next...

● C o n t i n u e d ●

The moment you realize that it can be your last breath on this planet, is so surreal that you can't express it through words. I don't know why, if it is because of relief or of pure terror.

It is one of those moments for me, when my mind shuts down and my body reacts on reflex.

People, let me tell you, when we see a horror movie and always shout at the female lead when they don't use their brain.

It's not their fault, because when you are on the brim of shitting your pants, that single thought of getting out of the, let's say, haunted house, never crosses our minds.

My body did the stupidest and common thing it can, which was running upstairs. I could hear the buzzing of flies behind me.

"Okay, okay what should I do?!" I screamed at myself while running and stumbling upstairs. My family must be having a good laugh at this. The moment my foot touched the last step all the buzzing stops.

Making my feet tremble, the whole house stood still in deafening silence.

I had no heart to turn around, but after a few long minutes the constant tingling in my neck screamed to end this unease.

I stepped forward and the creaking of my sandal echoed through the hallway.

Trying to hide my weariness, my hands tightened to a fist, trying to get the strength for making a simple move.

I swung in one move. My back hit the front wall, and my leg slid down on it's own accord. I waited for my eyes to adjust through the little lighting coming from through the hallway. I didn't try to find the source of the glimmer because my whole attention was to find out who my pursuer was. Something told me it wasn't just a enormous horde of giant flies.

Let me deal with these special gadgets, and then I'll scream the house down and see if that makes my family to stop this nonsense.

My childhood home never seemed so big to me in my whole life. Now I can comprehend how a small, two-story house appears like a castle when it's empty.

I waited and waited, but there was not even a single sound other than my harsh breathing.

As I let my guard slip for split second, a new sound echoed across the walls.

My head twisted toward the commotion, and a clear sound of someone chewing something came from my baby brother's room.

Oh god, oh god, please, it's supposed to be my vacation with my family, but NO, my family had to be so childish to keep continuing the foolish gag.

Now I got the full taste of the saying, you reap what you sow, but they didn't have to go to such extend to teach me the simple thing. They could have ended it with the bee climax, but no! They must want me to be a crying mess.

I will not let them have a laugh at my expense!

The anger bubbled up inside me, toward my mom to let them continue the whole antic, toward my father for breaking my trust after knowing my secrets.

I never accepted him to do this to me of all the people.

With the fire boiling inside my mind, I strolled toward the room. I pulled open the door with a bang, echoing through the whole house.

"EEnnnnnnoughhhhhhhhhhh......." I shouted toward the two figures, without noticing who they even are. I heaved, trying to gain the enough breath to make my next move.

I was tired and cranky, I wanted to let them laugh at me and put an end to this whole mess. I wanted to lie down in my fluffy bed and forget about it all.

When I gained my nerves back, I lifted my eyes to face the statues that are frozen from my outburst.

The lighting in here is so dim that I can't make out who they are or what they are doing in such dim ray. I can see them standing in a shadowy corner, but when my eyes adapt the dullness, I can figure out that there is a man.

"Dad!" I whispered, and the possibility of it being some kind of burglar hit me full force. I go over the whole thing, first empty house, then no greeting, and lights out.

There is defiantly something wrong with all that, is somehow my family forgot my homecoming schedule and went out for some last minute party or something.

Then it knocks into me, what have I done, shouting on some freak in my old house? He can be a murderer or a rapist!

I went and carelessly alerted the robber or whoever he is, and now he'll be annoyed and slay me. I don't want to die so soon!

Calm down Lauren, calm down! It's your house, so you can figure out something. No big deal, just decipher how you'll call the 911 without alerting the mugger.

I filled my lungs with few small breaths.

Always put your safety first, my girl. Always. Out of the blue, my father's words popped up in my head, the words which he had drilled in my head when I was leaving for my dreams in college.

Okay, safety first, call second! With plan in my head, I attempted to move my eyes around in hope of finding a sharp object, I can use as a weapon.

Moving hands to touch everything within my reach is much harder than in theory.

Suddenly, a handling like thing comes in my grasp. Relief washed over me when I realized it was my dad's baseball bat.

I love you, dad, for putting your things all over the house, even after mom almost kills you a few times for this habit, but right now, you are my freaking hero.

I was so engrossed in my revel, that I didn't notice the burglar had moved a few steps forward. Now I could make out the face of our house-breaker.

My eyes finally depicted the man and what he were doing in my baby brother's room.

My breath left, my body, and I collapsed with a thud on the floor.

A heart wrenching sound rang through the wall. I can't feel it, but somehow I know it was coming from my mouth.


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