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● R e c a p e ●

"It's Lauren," I whispered just so you could barely hear my voice.

The room fell silent as the ringing stopped, the only sound in the entire room was the clock ticking.

Until the phone rang again.

● C o n t i n u e d ●

Mike Lewinsky POV (Lauren's father)

I looked down at the phone in my hand, which is still vibrating, my mind had tuned out the ringtone.

How? How can Lauren have the strength or right mind in that matter to find her phone and call his prank psycho father after going through so much pain and exhaustion?

"Pick up the fucking phone now, before it somehow blows the house up," The words fall out of my twin Jordan's mouth. We all look at him, stupid.

"What? It's Lauren's call. The way she is progressing, she can do anything to avenge us for this whole ordeal," He looks frantically at everyone like someone will justify his stupid babbling, instead, he gets hit on the head by Jennifer.

"Will you slow down your scary thoughts," Jennifer added shakingly.

"I am sorry!" She whispered to my wife before turning to Jordan's arms and finally let go her silent tears.

"I think you should pick the phone up uncle Mike, my nerves are on edge," Neil chimed in behind me while scaring the life out of me.

I looked at him in fear.

He shook his head and got back to his earlier position.

I clicked on the green answering button and gulped.. which didn't help my sore throat.

"Hello!" I blurted out too quickly.

"Hello, dad?" comes out Lauren's shaky voice mixed with gusty wind sounds.

"Lauren!" I called out frantically.

"Hello, Lauren! What's going on? Where are you," there was no answer from the other end for a few minutes.

Then the call ended.

Next time I didn't wait for another ring and answered the call.

"Hello, Lauren?" I mumbled.

"Dad? Hello?" in came Lauren's rushed voice.

"Yes, sweetie! It's me, dad," my eyes filled with tears. The regret of agreeing with my families plan is eating at me now.

"Where are you my little bug?" I remember irritating her with silly nicknames. My wife detected strain in my voice and squeezed my shoulder.

"I am sorry, Dad!" Lauren shouts through the phone. Making all of us alert for the coming Lauren's strike.

Before I could warn and threaten her to stopping this already, and it had gotten out of hand. Her words spiked my annoyance.

"I am sorry, I didn't make it home this Halloween because of the storm hitting the whole city. Oh, silly me, you had probably heard the news already, and I was trying to inform you for a while, but the storm makes the signa...."

The line went dead.

I threw the phone on a nearby wall in fear.

After a beat of silence or two, it's starts ringing again, but this time it's not just a call, it's much more than that.

It's a proof of Lauren's words, against our reality.

It's a proof of Lauren's words, against our reality

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