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● R e c a p e ●

My breath left my body, I collapsed with a thud on the floor.

A heart wrenching sound rang through the room-I couldn't feel it, but somehow I knew it came from my mouth.

● C o n t i n u e d ●

"Daddy" I whispered under my breath. He stared at me for a second and then looked towards his hands. I watched him under my dark lashes, and that's when my eyes bulged out of its sockets.

My once so sweet and innocent daddy was now covered with blood, and not just anyone's blood, but my own brother dangled loosely from his mouth.

A single, shrill scream flew from my mouth, regaining the attention of my atrocious father.

I tried to see if my sweet brother is still alive, but Matt was limp from my father's mouth. It was challenging to see through my continuous flowing tears.

My baby brother, oh god, my small, fragile, baby brother.

"Matt!" I bolted upright and pushed my father with all my strength. My body was moving on instinct. I would not let my father go on anymore. I dove towards my brother as father crash on the floor, but the person in my father facade came out of his shock and threw my brother out the open window. I could only gape at the situation.

I was petrified. My father threw Matt, my brother, his own son, out of the window.

The shock made me stumble and I crashed to the ground. Helplessly, I watched my father grope and stumble with renewed terrified eyes. Whom the heaven, he was, he couldn't be my father.

My anger vanished in a poof and all the energy was drained, one after another shock had taken a toll on my body. I wanted to let my fate take me and be done with it. What is left for me in this world, worthy enough to live for, if I stay? That's when my mother's face smacked into me.

"Mum," A shy whisper left my mouth.

I started to crawl upside down, trying my hardest to not alert my dad.

I wanted this to be a bad dream. I wanted to end this, but I know it's a reality. I am stuck in my own house, with my daddy turned into some paranormal thing.

The possibility of my mum being dead passed my thought and I shook my head violently to forget the notion. I managed to crawl enough backward to get myself up. In anxiety, I slipped back with a thud, gathering my father's attention.

Knowing it was my only chance, I pushed myself up with a force and start running for life. The floor creaked beneath my foot and the noise doubled as another pair joined to chase me.

I bumped into walls, stumbled smack into doors, and jolted against other odd things I couldn't recognize in the flurry. I hived and frantically ran towards my parent's bedroom. It was the thing that first came into my blocked mind at times of emergency.

My mind, heart, and soul are in utter shock to comprehend what I am trying to do.

I reached the bedroom in enough time to bang the door closed before my own father can come in and eat me alive. I quickly placed the door lock in place.

I let out a grievous sob and slid down on the floor. I can feel the bang after bang on my back, making me shiver with fear.

What should I do, oh god help me, please.

As my sobs died down enough to perceive my surroundings, I realized the banging had stopped and a prickling feeling settled in my stomach. What is all this happening, first the house and then my own father.

I couldn't apprehend. In my absence, what had transpired here? Mum hadn't remarked any abnormalities in father, when I talked to her last night. She never even referred to any such event in the past.

So why now, what changed in one night?

My father was, the most honest, kind hearted man I ever come across in my life. He cherished his children more than he treasured anyone or anything. Now, watching him in that state, not everything summed up.

I had to find mom. She was the only one who can lay down the whole story and we would find our way out of my childhood home. My heart wrenched with the thought of my brother and father.

"What happened to you, dad?" I said softly, shaking my head to clear my thoughts. I had to save mom and myself.

I tried to gain enough courage to get up and find the light switch in my parent's room. As I start feeling the wall, I bumped into something and almost banged my head into a nearby wall.

I felt the relief flooding into me as I fingered the switch in my grasp. Now I could finally see something. I prayed to God for the switch to work and he finally granted my wish.

Now the whole room was lit up and the light glared into my eyes. My eyes hurt from being in so much darkness a second ago. I covered them with my hands. I let my eyes adjust for a few seconds and slip my hands out to watch my surroundings.

The site, which greeted my eyes, had me stumble back and hit the nightstand. The lamp fell and broke into pieces, taking away the only source of light in the room with itself.

For the second time today, I am left in blackness.

The light coming from closet door reflected into the liquid pooled around on the floor, making a red glow.

My face void all its color and stomach turned all of its content out on the floor, mixing it to a sickening color with the sticky blood.

My face void all its color and stomach turned all of its content out on the floor, mixing it to a sickening color with the sticky blood

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