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Lauren's POV

My name is Lauren Lewinsky. Every year, for a week, I come home for Halloween to visit my baby brother and scare him with silly pranks.

My adorable little goofball brother gets scared easily. I have even scared him a couple times with air. I think maybe he is starting to get the hang of it, but all his cute faces are always worth a try.

The thought of my family put a smile on my face, and in hope of warm hugs, happy squeals, and shootings in greeting, I rang the doorbell. Waiting in the cold night, I felt out of place. "Why the hell did I have to leave my keys back in my dorm room?" I scoffed at my own carelessness.

I frowned in concern when the door didn't open. "Fantastic, I come for a visit in the freezing cold night and my family isn't even answering the door."

After about a long fifteen minutes of freezing my butt, I started to consider something was seriously wrong. I noticed that there were no lights inside the house, no football-watching noises, no clicking of plates from the kitchen, no merry noises of my family chatting away. I wondered where they were.

I chuckled at my own idiocy. "Come on Lauren, it is Halloween and my family must be doing some prank on me," I tried to assure myself, but a creepy feeling started to carve its way into my heart and my palms started to sweat.

Okay, I gotta accept that being subject of the prank is definitely not the greatest feeling.

I stood alone in the cold night and the chilled air, and the thoughts of how to make my family's planning backfire kept swirling around in my mind. Then something clicked inside of me. The back door.

Recalling that the back door of my childhood home is always kept unlocked in festive times, I grinned and did a fist pump, a little dance of praise for myself. Watch your back people, Lauren is coming up! I silently walked beside the house and crossed the lawn. I fumbled for the back door, careful not to make any noises.

I started to turn the doorknob in an attempt to bust my family's plans, but as soon as I touched the knob, something moved behind me.

My heartbeat increased and my breathing quickened as I attempted to watch without fully turning myself around.

The moonlight shimmered, which intensified the shadow of my intruder on the back door. My hands fall to my sides abruptly.

It can't be...

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Hello amazing people,

So what do you think who is behind lauren? 

Please vote if you feel your back tingling with creepy feelings.

Love, Starhavens.

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