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Author's Note:

Disclaimer: The events, characters and names depicted in this book are fictitious and any similarity to actual person living or dead or to actual events and historical fact is purely coincidental.

Copyright: Ownership of this book is protected by copyright and other applicable laws and any unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition of this book could result in criminal prosecution as well as civil liability.

Chapter 1: Rage

"Kung wala ka ng maintindihan..."

I drew a horn on the head of the teacher that I doodled on my notebook. Abala ang gurong iyon sa pagdi-discuss sa harap habang abala naman ako sa ginagawang pagguhit sa notebook ko. I'm thankful that my seat is at the back part of the room and the poor teacher has no idea of how I made a portrait of her.

"Kung wala ka ng makapitan...."

It's been two weeks. Two weeks since my death and Dad's funeral. Sa loob ng dalawang linggong iyon ay may maraming bagay akong natutunan. Like how to be strong when you're alone. How to rely on myself. How to be firm in standing on the wave of life.

"Kapit ka sa akin..."

Nilingon ko si Jeremy sa tabi ko. He's been singing that song since he entered this classroom and he's not even moving on to the next lyrics. Maybe that's the only lyrics he knows.

"Will you stop it Je?", naiinis na wika ko sa kanya. He gave me an innocent look at luminga-linga sa paligid, avoiding my gaze.

"Ang ano?"

"Don't play dumb. Alam kong alam mo ang ibig kong sabihin", I told him. "You know what you did."

He frowned at me and took a deep sigh. Then he pulled something from his pocket. "Oh ayan. Nakita ko kasi sa gilid ng bag mo kaya kinuha ko. Malay ko ba na mapapansin mo pala. The other three are still on your bag", he said at inilapag sa harap ko ang dalawang Snickers. There were five of them in my bag dahil binigay iyon sa akin ni Andi kahapon.

But... what the hell? When did he?

"I was about to get the third one when you told me to stop", he said, maintaining a low voice dahil nasa harapan pa ang guro.

"That's not what I meant. It's the song. Stop singing."

"Eh? Ganoon ba?", his mood lighten up and he pulled the Snickers that he put in front of me again. "Edi akin na ulit ito ah." He grabbed the chocolate again at inilagay ulit iyon sa kanyang bulsa. He focused on the teacher in front again with a big smile. Maybe it's because of the chocolate that he stole from me or maybe because he's Jeremy and he is always smiling.

I heard Gray sighed from his seat. Basing on his facial expression, I know he is also bored. Uh, why does this class seem so boring today?

Hindi naman nagtagal ang pagtitiis na akala ko ay walang katapusan. The class was dismissed and we all went to the cafeteria for our morning break.

"Hay, sa wakas natapos din", Jeremy said as he munched on the Snickers. We're on our way to the cafeteria at maraming mga estudyante rin ang isa-isang lumabas sa kani-kanilang mga silid-aralan.

For the past days ay nanatili akong tahimik. Well, I'm not really a talkative person but I think I have gotten worst. Kung dati ay nagsasalita pa ako, now I only talk when someone asks me questions and my answers are usually very brief. Kung may nabago sa akin ay ganoon din ang Bridle. The gates are now opened to the public at maaari na kaming lumabas ng premises ng Bridle kahit walang parent o guardian na kasama. The death of the students due to the organization's wickedness are now settled at maaaring naisip na ni Chancellor Judas na hindi mabisa ang naisip niyang solusyon na pagsasara ng Bridle sa publiko.

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