14 ~ Him

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A/N: Hello everyone! I decide I will take a three day break on this story.  I need a breather and step back on this story to get a better grip on the situation and its characters. Since I don't usually write a novel in under a month, the mental challenge will be something to overcome. I will update again on SATURDAY

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Day 200 – No More

It was a short drive from my apartment to the open house lot my realtor had offered me to check. Since our first meeting over two months ago, I've already checked nearly ten possible areas for the new shop. I had been planning this expansion for years now, and finally I've taken some action.

At first, I had been hesitant about the decision after Emilia. But now she was gone and far from my reach, I needed a distraction to keep me occupied. This project was my solution. If I didn't have this, I might still be sulking in my apartment whenever I'm not at work. But I could no longer be pent up with her. I've already done my piece when I tried to get her back. I said what I needed to say. Yet it didn't work. She still left and chose her profession over me.

Reaching the real estate, the empty place used to be an antique store. The street it was in wasn't close to a prime lot like current shop I run now. But the neighborhood had potential. There were near by residential buildings, and a few block were business buildings plus a community college a mile away. The neighboring stores are mostly boutique and convenience store. Yet my realtor swore by it that customers would flock if I ever decided to open a coffee shop here. However, I was hesitant since he had said the same thing to the other nine places he'd recommended.

After the meeting, I headed back to the shop for the remaining of the day. During lunch, I had an unexpected surprise visit from someone I thought wouldn't be driving through this part of town. As the person entered the door, I was startled to be able to formulate any words. So he initiated the conversation first.

"What? No, hi's or hello's, you don't even call your old man every now and again?"

"Dad? What are you doing here?" I gained back my verbal control. "Why didn't you call me if you're visiting?"

"It's goes both ways, son. And I'm here for a drink. Why don't you make me a good batch of coffee?" He replied, not even giving me a direct answer from my questions.

"Right." I then turned towards away from him and made him his preferred drink – black coffee. It didn't take a while to brew him a new batch.

Once it was done, I served him his drink. Then I settled down and joined him on the table. He looked at me with a scrutinizing gaze and took sip of his drink. After he put down the mug, I brought up the question again.

"What are you doing here, dad?"

"I heard the news from your cousin. Is it going to be like this with us from now on?" he question dryly and taken a quick sip again from his drink. "So who decided to break-up? Was it Emilia or you?"

"That's old news, dad. And besides it was a mutual decision. We both decided to break-up," I replied firmly, trying to seem unaffected by the question. Even though it's nearly been two months since I've seen her, I'm still mending from the downfall.

"I know you, son. And the years I knew Emilia, I knew you two wouldn't just decided to separate," he pressed and stared me down.

"Why would you say that, old man? Maybe Emilia and I are not what you expect. I mean, look at us now – well, the lack of it."

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