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I was so tired from the barbecue yesterday that today I slept almost the whole day. The drama was too much to handle. I'm not ready to see Aaron and Avalon tomorrow at school so I will just have to prepare for the worst that could happen. What is the worst that could happen? I woke up at 12 and went downstairs after brushing my teeth. Surprisingly, I saw Aaron sitting there at the table eating my favourite cereal!

"What are you doing here Aaron?" I growled as I snatched the box of cereal away from him before he got more.

"Morning to you too." He replied as he munched up the cereal.

I glared at him as he swallowed and talked.

"Look, I wanna know why you hate me so much now. You've been avoiding me a lot lately." he asked.

"Glad you figured it out." I said sarcastically while I rolled my eyes at him.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. He looked right into my eyes and I looked back at him. I was feeling queasy while butterflies flew in my stomach.

"W-what are you doing!" I said while losing my balance and almost falling down. Key word almost. I was about to fall but Aaron caught me. Making it even more embarrassing.

"Why do you hate me?" he asked, his voice more demanding. I frowned at this. He had no rignt to do this to me.

"Because you are a freakishly annoying player!" I yelled at him.

He smirked. "You forgot gorgeous and hot."

I couldn't believe this. He was still fooling around even after I yelled at him. "Why Aaron, why?" I was starting to cry as I realized I liked him but ne wouldn't ever like me.

Aaron was astonished he was feeling guilty. He immediately let go of me. "I'm sorry. I didn't expect you to cry."

I wiped my tears and looked into his eyes. He was looking at them back. He leaned closer and closer , making the gap between us disappear as he leaned forward to kiss me. Tears were pouring out of my eyes as we kissed. I pulled back later . After realizing what I did, I immediately ran back upstairs to my room.


A/N HEY GUYSSS IM SOOO SORRY FOR SUCH A LATE UPDATEE! 😥😥 My phone broke and lots of stuff happened and I didnt have time to write! Im so sorry! But I hope u guys enjoy this

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