These feelings I can't control.

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"Justin! "  I said in relief as he came closer and pushed Aaron off of me.

"Stay away from her!" Justin yelled at him.

"Tsk. Shouldn't you be the one staying away from MY property?"

"Excuse me, I'm not yours." I retorted.

"Soon babe, soon." he winked. I scrunched my nose in disgust as I shook my head and got up.

"You literally almost raped me!"

His eyes turned dark as he had a frown on his face.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me to act like that." he said but it came out like a whisper but I still heard him since he was VERY close to me.

I pushed him away from me so there was a gap between us and I wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Then, I went up to where Justin was and he hugged me immediately has if it were an instinct. I hugged him back and looked up to see Justin glaring at Aaron.

Aaron just smirked at him in response.

" Well...I guess I'll be taking my leave now." He said as he walked to my door and left after saying bye.

"Thanks." I muttered to Justin as I buried my face in his chest as I inhaled his scent that calmed me.

"No problem I'm just glad that you're safe." He said as he used one of his hands and put it behind my head and calmed me down. I felt relaxed at once at the feeling of his touch.

He gently caressed my hair as I pulled back a little and looked directly into his mesmerizing eyes. I realized this was the guy that always helped me and saved me in my times of need and trouble. And this was also the guy I rejected for another jerk.

I felt a pang of guilt in my chest as I remembered. Such a sweet guy Justin is but my feelings for him are unclear. Instead, they're mixed up in confusion and my heart only beats rapidly for that one jerk that will never learn to love me as much as I loved him.

Silence filled the air in my room as none of us spoke a word.

"I'm so sorry Justin ." I said as my voice cracked. I wanted to tear up. I just wanted to cry. I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide myself from the world.

He looked surprised." For what?"

"For not being able to reciprocate the same feelings as you."

"It's okay...I can wait."  He reassured me calmly.

"No. It's not. I'm hurting both of us by this. I'm falling for the jerk and I know it's hopeless but my heart is stubborn. It doesn't listen to me. I don't want to like him! I'm only gonna end up in tears. These feelings I can't control.... Justin you're such a sweet guy. Every girl wishes to be with you. I do too. But I won't be able to be with you if I know I have feelings for someone else while dating you. It's unfair." I Said.

He looked at me gently and said, " It's alright Alex. It'll be fine. Just know that I will always be by your side no matter what. Even if you won't be able to like me." He said as he gently patted my head.
I couldn't find the lie in that but Justin flinched a little after saying that.
"Justin...I don't deserve're too nice." I said while shaking my head.

"Now, it's getting quite depressing here. Ice cream?" He grinned.

I smiled. " Sure!"

"My treat." He said before I could respond.

I nodded and we both went to the ice cream parlor.


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