It means I love you.

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I led him to a corner where no one could see us.

" Listen Justin, don't get me wrong. Really. But.. I don't think I can commit to you fully yet. I'm sorry. It seems that I still have feelings for Aaron. I'm really sorry. I like you, really, I do. But I need more time. I'm sorry. " I told him sadly.

He looked astonished.

" It's okay.... but I don't know how I should react to this. I'm sorry for rushing too. " he apologized.

He left after saying that. I think that's what was for the best. For now.
I walked down the hallways , feeling guilty when I bumped into something. Someone, to be precise. I looked up to see Aaron.

" Sorry." I mumbled.

I started to leave but he grabbed me by the waist and flung me around to face him.

"You look beautiful. " he whispered. His husky voice so hot. What was I thinking! I'm trying to hate him.

I got out of his grasp and walked again but was stopped AGAIN by Aaron. I turned to face him but I realized our faces were inches apart. In a flash, he smashed his lips against mine. After a while, be pulled away. We were out of breath.

" What does it mean?" I whispered to myself.

" It means I love you. " he stated.

" Pshh. Yah, fake love. " I rolled my eyes.

"No, seriously. I do. " Aaron stated.

" I love Justin so , I can't accept this. Don't you have Avalon  "

He was speechless and then he whispered softly.

" But deep down you know you love me."

I widened my eyes and pulled back and ran across the hallway with tears streaming down my face. It was true. He was right.  And I was ashamed. Aaron didn't treat me right. He loved Avalon. Justin really loves me but I... still love Aaron.... even though... ugh! Why is my life so complicated?!  I ran to my next class and took a seat. It was Bio.

The rest of the class was blur and I just tuned them out. That's how my day went by and soon enough, I went home.

I ran straight to my room and cried on my pillow . It felt good. My parents were worried but decided to leave me alone. And just like that, I fell asleep.


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