I'm sorry

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My alarm went off. Beep beep beep. I groaned and shut it off. I got up and went to shower. After I was done, I wore some clothes and went downstairs to eat breakfast. My parents greeted me with a smile and said good morning. I did the same and ate my food. After that, I wore a white tank top with black shorts. I yawned. I need something else for a change.

I went to school after wearing my boots that reached my ankle. I walked into the hallways and a few boys whistled while I totally ignored them. I had to change. I transformed myself (well, kind of) from a geek to a beauty. Britney stared daggers at me. I smirked at her and continued to walk.

I saw Justin in the hallway talking to Danny. Actually Danny was the one talking while Justin was correcting him. Basically, it was an argument.

" Come on! It would be fun! " Danny whined.

" For the last time Danny, no. We can't throw apples at doctors. "

" Why not? An apple a day keeps the doctor away! " Danny continued.

" That's a phrase . And also a waste of apples. " Justin mumbled.

" What? " Danny questioned.

" Hey guys! How's it going? " I chirped happily.

" Hey Alexis! " Danny greeted cheerfully.

He remembers my name, wow.

" Hey Alex! " Justin grinned as he pulled me into a hug.

" Hey." I hugged back. We let go of each other. Danny looked me up and down and his mouth opened a little.

" I wouldn't hesitate to take you right here. " Danny slow whistled.

Justin glared at him harshly.

" I was just kidding. Maybe. " he mumbled the last part but I heard him and just decided to ignore it. Danny started talking about the barbecue.

" So you guys are going right? " he asked.

" Well yeah, but not too long." Justin said as he glanced at me .

"Why not? " Danny asked again.

" Because! I have something to do. " Justin glared at him for being nosy.

"Yeah, me too. " I told him.

"Wait, you too Alexis? " Danny had a sad face.

" Sorry. " I glanced over to Justin and he he smiled.

Danny saw that and he looked at us suspiciously.

" Are you guys going together somewhere ? " he asked.

" No..... " Justin looked away.

Danny stared at him and Justin got annoyed.

" Alright yeah! We are! We won't stay long and will leave! " Justin almost yelled.

Danny looked kind of upset that I just wanted to hug him and cheer him up again. I did what I had to.

" Alright Danny, I'll stay with you." I said softly.

Danny's face lit up immediately and he was so happy.

"Really?! You'd do that for me? " Danny asked cheerfully.

Before I could answer, Justin spoke up.

" But Alex! You said you'd go out with me! " Justin looked surprised.

" I know, I'm sorry. But I can't see Danny sad like this. Can we reschedule? I'm really sorry! Plus,pwe can hangout during the barbecue! " I stated.

" And Justin, can I speak to you in private please? " I asked him.

" No! Whatever it is you can say it right here! " Justin shot back.

"Justin please! " I pleaded.

"Please..... it's important.... " I paused.
"Alright fine. " Justin gave in.

I guess he was still angry that I couldn't go on a date with him . I led him to a corner and started talking.


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