I do I do!

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I walked back to my house. Well, actually, Justin dropped me off and I waved him goodbye. I was deep in thought. What a nice guy Justin is! But deep down, I know I still have feelings for Aaron. I can't deny that. So I cannot completely devote myself to Justin even though I really want to, I want to but I still have feelings for Aaron. Wouldn't that be unfair for Justin?

I sighed and went to eat food. My parents were kind of worried. I forced a smile and continued to eat. After eating, I went up to my room and started using my phone . I got a text from Justin.

Justin : Hey Alex! Got a moment?

Me: Sure, wassup?

Justin : I was wondering if.... ummmm....

Me: Yeah Justin?

Justin : Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow?

Me: Isn't the BBQ tmr?

Justin : Well yeah, but after that.

Me: Let's see.... maybe.

Justin : U don't wanna be with me?

Me: No no! I do I do!

I almost dropped my phone, almost. I mean, it's unusual for Justin to be like that he's not the romantic type. Well actually,I didn't expect him to be. I was kind of surprised to see him like that. I was thinking about him when suddenly my room door screeched open! I shrieked and was pretty mad when I saw my parents there.

"Mom! Dad! You better have a good explanation on why you just came barging into my room like that. You guys won't get off the hook that easily! " I said.

" Honey, we were worried about you, you don't have to act like that . You seemed so upset and deep in thought while confused during dinner time and then you didn't even talk to us ." she sounded worried.

The people that really and truly understand me and know what I'm doing and feeling are my parents and I love them . I sighed.

" Is there's something wrong? Can we help you with it? If anyone trying to harm my baby I'm going to go Daddy on them !" My father said.

I giggled and listened to my father and I told them all about the details I did include a lot of parts I just didn't tell them the stuff that they can't handle .

" Honey, you have to decide your choices. You are a grown lady now. We can't decide that for you, only your heart can. I also know you'll make the right choice and end up happy but if you do make the wrong choice, we'll be there for you and help you and support you. " my mom said.

I almost burst into tears, my parents are so understandable that I love them to the death. Well I couldn't take it anymore so I cried and cried and let it all out . I told them about Aaron and how I'm with Justin now .
they looked at me kind of surprised but then my mom started massaging my head while my dad starts wrapping his arms around my shoulder .

I had one hell of a night. I had fallen asleep and my parents left me alone to sleep. They were really nice and kind I love them.


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