The Barbecue

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Thank god today was a Saturday. Ugh! But I still had to attend that barbecue. Yay me! Note the sarcasm.
I woke up and brushed my teeth. I went downstairs for breakfast. My parents were looking anxious and kind of excited.

They noticed me and they told me to have a seat which I did and I had breakfast which was blueberry pancakes and that was delicious and my mom just started talking. They were talking about the barbecue and I just kind of tuned them out. Seriously? Is all anyone wanting to talking about is the barbecue?

Personally, it's annoying for me because I'm not in the mood to see Aaron so I decided to make some excuses to bail but my parents obviously saw through that so I couldn't skip it either.

Ugh. My my parents made sure that I was ready and properly dressed because the barbecue started at like 3 and it is currently 1, so I had enough time to take a long relaxing bath. At like 2 o'clock I got ready and I wore a White tank top with blue ripped jeans. Like I said, I was aiming for a change so I was starting to look more pretty. I wore my ankle length boots next.

After I got ready, my parents also we're done getting ready so we go into the car and we drove to Aaron's house and in the backyard they were already starting the barbecue and Aaron greeted my parents.

" Welcome Mrs and Mr Dawson. Glad you could have made it." He smiled.

I rolled my eyes.

" Oh sweetie, no need to be so formal . Just call us by our names." My mom cooed.

Aaron looked my way and smirked. I rolled my eyes again.

" Why so pretty?" He whispered in my ears seductively once my parents joined the barbecue and were out of sight.

I sighed. This was gonna be a long day. I pushed Aaron and saw Danny and approached him.

Aaron frowned and followed me but was stop by Justin's mom. They started talking and I talked to Danny.

"Hey Danny!" I yelled

" Hey!" He walked towards me.

" What are you drinking?" I looked and cringed my nose at the green substance.

" Just something horrible." He looked sideways and dumped the drink in the bin.

"My mom made me drink that thing. It was disgusting. Some kind of herb drink!" He told me while cringing his nose in disgust.

I smiled. I spotted Justin and approached him but he started walking away. I tried following him but was stopped by Aaron. Ugh.

"What do you want Aaron ?" I spat emphasising his name. He broke my heart and chose a slut over me.

" Why so mad? I was just gonna tell you got you have to be at the table in 5 minutes so you better be there because I'm going to announce it to them." He reminded.

I followed his instructions because not like I have a choice anyway. I was at the table on time and I was super pissed off to see Avalon. Aaron hadn't told me that Avalon was coming, I was ready to leave but then my parents eyeballed me. I sat back down and mentally cursed myself.

Aaron then stood up and was about to make the announcement. I don't know why we're making a big deal out of this. Well, it's better for Danny and Justin to know. I heard from my parents that they are friends with Danny and Justin's parents. They talk more I guess. Anyways Aaron was making the announcement soon but then......


A/N I know I'm evil , don't hate. Sorry for late updates before and I made this chapter quite long and I will update abit more often now. Please vote and comment! Love you guys!


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