Part 19

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hey sorry that it took so long to upload this but i had to make it great (not really) haha let me know if i should keep going with this... i havent had alot of motivation to finish it... so let me know what your opinion is please :)

Part 19

                Gina and Brittany left after an hour or so, and Derek followed them out. But Gina promised to stay with me tonight. By the looks of things, Brittany wasn’t going to need any company anyways. Derek was going to take her out; which was good for me. He needed to get his mind off of me.

                “So how’s my baby been? You know; other than missing me…” Jaye asked me, winking as a huge smile spread across his face. “That’s really about it.” I sat on Jaye’s bed and laid my head on his chest. “I’m sorry Jaye.”

“Why are you sorry?” He slid a finger under my chin and gently lifted my gaze to his. “Because I’m the reason you’re here.”  A tear rolled down my cheek and he wiped it away with his thumb. “No you’re not; and I don’t ever want to hear you say that again.” He pressed his lips softly to mine. “I love you, so much.”

It felt so nice to have Jaye back; my Jaye; and I wasn’t going to be letting him out of my site for quite awhile.

                Meanwhile Derek and Brittany were getting to know each other just fine. If you count Derek’s tongue down her throat, that is. Gina went to her room to give them some privacy, even though they didn’t seem to care very much about her being there. Brittany was always the impulsive one, and a looker, but she was extremely good at pretending that she was innocent.

At about half past 8 Gina decided she had given me enough time to get home and went out to the living room to let the two love birds know she was leaving. “Hey I’m going to Andrea’s, promise me you guys will stay out of my room?” Gina told them as she grabbed her keys and locked the door behind her.   

Gina knew the roads to my house like the back of her hand, having been there a million times over the years; and it only took her about 15 minutes to get there. She got out of her car and didn’t bother to ring the doorbell. She just walked inside, and sat down across from me.

                “Hey girlie, how’s Jaye?” She asked. “He’s fine. You wouldn’t even think anything had happened. He’s so… alive!”

I looked down at Lacey, who I thought to be asleep on my lap. “So how are Derek and Brittany getting along?”

                “Well they were sucking face when I left them. Derek seems…”

                “It looks like he’s going around kissing everyone.” Lacey interjected. “What do you mean Lace?”

                “I saw you and Derek kissing the other night. I thought you and Jaye liked each other, but I guess you like Derek instead.” She seemed really upset, and I felt bad that I had even let that night happen.  “Honey, I love your brother. I shouldn’t have let Derek kiss me, and it won’t happen again, I promise.”

                “Let’s hope not.” Gina laughed. “It really pisses me off about Brittany though. I would’ve never introduced them if I had known that she was going to corrupt him within 5 minutes.”

                “Girl, are you jealous?” I asked in amazement. “No!” She replied instantly. “Well maybe a little.” Gina’s face turned several shades of red. “You can’t say a word! I barely know him. It would be weird to tell him that I like him, especially now.”

                “Derek’s a really nice guy. You never know, he might surprise you.”

                “Yeah, I know. I’m just not ready to tell him. I will someday though.” I decided not to argue with her. She would tell him when she decided to, and not before.

                Lacey started breathing deeper and she was asleep this time, so I got up and carried her to my room. I placed her carefully under the covers and kissed her forehead before rejoining Gina on the couch. “Want to invite Derek over?” I teased. ”We’d have to invite Brittany too of course.” Gina smiled and to my surprise agreed. “That would be fun actually.” I pulled out my cell and clicked on Derek’s contact info. “Hey, you and Brittany should come to my house… yeah… we’re going to put in a movie… alright we’ll wait for you guys.”

                “Alright, they’re on their way.”I turned the TV off and Gina followed me into the kitchen. “Hungry?” She nodded and I took a pizza out of the freezer. I took the pizza out of its wrapping and placed it on a tray in the oven, then hoisted myself onto the counter. “I wonder how long they’ll be…”

                “Hopefully they won’t take too long.” Gina teased. “Hopefully who won’t take too long?” Derek held the door open for an all too peppy Brittany. “I am the life of the party I guess.” Brittany chimed, taking a seat on the couch with Derek. “Yeah, the life nobody wanted.”  Gina whispered to me. “Messed up…” I laughed at Gina’s comment. I couldn’t really help it. Girls everywhere seemed to dislike her.    But maybe it was just because they really wanted to be her. Just being in the same room as her made you feel extremely plain.

                “Pizza’s ready!” I called into the living room, disrupting the steamy make out session. Does he seriously not realize that he could do so much better? Or maybe he doesn’t care. “Oh, I’m a vegetarian…   Derek, be a dear and remove all the little pieces of murdered animal from my slice.” Brittany complained, but surprisingly Derek didn’t listen. “Did you forget to wear your big girl panties today? I’m sure you can manage.”

                Gina and I just stared wide eyed; waiting for Brittany’s response. “You’re such a dork.” Brittany giggled as she started to remove all of the pepperoni and place it carefully on the napkin beside her.  I mouthed “WOW” to Gina and took my pizza with me as I sat down on the couch in the other room. “She wasn’t always like that.” Gina told me, coming over to sit by me.

“Derek, put it down!” Brittany squealed from the kitchen. “Don’t tell me she used to be normal… I wouldn’t believe it.” Gina nodded and we chuckled. “I used to love hanging out with her.” I looked back to Brittany and wondered if I would like her normal… “I think I like her better now; because she doesn’t talk to me at all.” I joked. Gina agreed and we went back to eating our pizza; trying to ignore the annoying couple in the kitchen.

                I have to admit that I was partly jealous. They just met and they’re being all gross, while Jaye’s stuck in the hospital. I just miss him; and I really want him to be home already.

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