part 22

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Part 22

"Knock, knock." I open my eyes to see Sara at the door. "Hey." I stretched, wiping the sleep from my eyes. "I didn't mean to wake you." She rubbed her arm nervously; standing way too far away. "You didn't." I lied, sitting up straighter. "What's wrong with you? You seem different." Sara asked, sitting in a chair across from my bed. "It's Andrea, I feel like I don't even know her anymore." I told her honestly. "Well, a lot can happen when you're away from each other." Sara told me, laying a hand on mine. "I know that; I guess I just don't want to accept the fact that she fell for my best friend while I was out of it. It makes me regret so many things." Sara nodded, a sympathetic smile creeping onto her lips. "I'm really sorry Jaye. I wish I could make it better." I smiled sweetly at her, shifting uncomfortably. "You can." Her eyebrows furrowed as a confused look came over her face. "How?" She asked, smiling fully now. "Go to dinner with me tomorrow night."

Andrea's POV!!!

Derek pulled up, and I climbed into the passenger seat, closing the door behind me. "Hey sunshine, don't smile so big, you're face is going to stay that way." Derek teased; sarcastically of course; because I wasn't smiling; I was doing quite the opposite actually. "Very funny. I just feel like a horrible person." I shrunk in my seat, watching as everything blurred past the windows. "You're not." I forced a smile; unbuckling as Derek parked the car. I texted Gina; letting her know I wasn't at the hospital anymore, then followed Derek into the McDonalds. We both ordered, then took a seat at a secluded booth. You could see the kids playing on the equipment through the window behind Derek as he unwrapped a burger and sunk his teeth into it. "So, what did you want to talk to me about?" I asked hesitantly; I pretty much already knew what he had to say, I just didn't know how I was going to respond. "Oh, uh, I was just; I wanted to talk about what happened the other night." He stammered, taking a sip of the coke that sat on the table. "I do too." I breathed, taking the coke from him, and taking a long gulp. "I really like you Andy; I know I'm a jerk for saying that but I just can't help it; the other night shouldn't have happened, but I don't regret it. I wanted it to happen." I knew exactly how he felt, because I felt the same way. I really don't want to hurt Jaye, but I want to explore these feelings I have for Derek. "But Jaye." I look down at my hands, fumbling with the hem of my shirt. "I know; I'll never be able to replace Jaye; I've accepted that; I just wanted you to know."

"I think I like you too Derek." His eyes searched mine as his mouth dropped open. "But, I don't want to hurt everyone." Derek reached across the table, lifting my chin so that I was looking into his eyes. "Why don't you just think of yourself for once?" My breath caught in my throat as I willed myself to pull away; but I was frozen as his face inched closer to mine. "When are you going to let yourself be happy?" He closed the distance pressing his lips to mine feverishly. He pushed the tray with all of our food on it out of the way as I reached up; grabbing his shirt and pulling him over the table. He ran his tongue over the bottom of my lip, smiling when I easily allowed him to deepen the kiss. It was pure ecstasy; I'd never been kissed like this before; so I couldn't help but whimper slightly as he pulled away; placing one last peck on my lips.

"Are you still confused?" He asked, his breathing as shallow as mine. I shook my head all too quickly, and he chuckled lightly. "And, what have you decided?"

"I'll talk to Jaye after lunch. Will you stay with me tonight?" Tears tingled at the edge of my eyes, threatening to overwhelm me. "Of course I will." Derek set his hand on mine, slowly rubbing his thumb across my skin. I shot him a weak smile, taking a huge bite out of my hamburger. "Jaye will understand, Hun." I nodded. Jaye would understand because he's great.

Derek and I finished our burgers and then headed out. "Should I drop you at the hospital?" Derek asked, pulling out of the driveway. "Yeah; I texted Gina to meet me there. I'll get a ride home from her." Derek nodded turning left at the next street. "And I'll stop by later tonight around dinner time?"

Derek dropped me off at the hospital, kissing my cheek before I got out. This was going to be so hard; but I had to do it. I just have to be honest with him. I told Gina to wait out front for me, then made my way to his room, knocking once before walking in. "Hey." I say, smiling weakly. "Hey." Jaye smiles, making my stomach tighten. "We need to talk." His smile fell, and so did my heart. "I already know what you're going to say." I took a seat across him, running my hands over my face. I let out a sigh, resting my head on the chair. "How'd you know?" I asked. I feel the tears welling up, but I swallow hard, forcing them to stay inside. "I saw the way he looks at you; how your face lights up when he's around."

"I'm so sorry." I bit my lip as a few tears trailed down his face. "It's alright; as long as you're happy." He smiled bitterly; the tears falling easily now. "But if he does anything to hurt you..." His voice trailed off as he pinched the bridge of his nose. I stood up, walking over to where he now stood. "I should go." I placed my hand on his back but he shook it off; staring out the window. "Bye." He whispered. The tension that now lay in the room was unbearable. I wanted to hold him, and to tell him how much I still wanted to be there for him. I should never have let this go as far as it did.

I met back up with Gina; she looked worried, but I told her I'd explain when we got home. I couldn't talk about it right now; not yet. It still hurt too much. "Come on, let's get you home." Gina slid her arm around my shoulders, leading me out to her car.

The drive home was silent, except for my hiccuping. I always got the hiccups when I cried a lot. "Alright, talk to me girlie." Gina breathed, as I unlocked the door, and threw my keys on the counter. "I broke up with Jaye." I thought I had cried all that I could cry for today, but apparently my tear ducts felt differently. "What? Why?" Gina and sat down on the couch, she was rubbing my back, waiting for an answer. "I'm just not... and Derek... I'm sorry." I couldn't form a full sentence. It's so hard to cry and talk at the same time. "Don't be sorry; It's okay." Gina tried to calm me, but I knew that she was upset too. Gina always hid that side of her though; she would give up anything to make someone else happy, which was what I loved about her. "But I... I know you have feelings for him." I explained, starting to breathe easier now. "He obviously cares about you though; it's fine." Gina pulled my closer, running a hand through my hair repeatedly. "Want me to stay with you tonight?" Gina smiled, kissing my hairline. "No, that's okay; Derek's coming by for dinner, and he'll probably just stay." Gina smiled, shaking her head. "Well, you sure don't waste any time baby girl." We both chuckled, settling in on the couch. "I just knew I wasn't going to want to be alone tonight."

"I know, you don't do so well on your own." I sighed, she was right. Being left alone didn't mix too well with me.

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