Part 18

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Part 18

                Derek let me drive to the hospital, and I maneuvered carefully into my usual parking spot. “I’m never riding with you again.” Derek teased as he shut the passenger door. “Well, I’m sorry that I was anxious to get here to see…” A loud shriek, coming from a girl across the parking lot cut me off short, and I looked up to see Gina running towards me. “I’ve missed you so much!” Gina jumped into my arms and we spun around a few times. “Derek, you know Gina right?” Derek shook his head, and extended a hand to her. “Hi.” Gina told him bubbly as she shook his hand. “I’ve seen you around school; I just never knew your name.”

                “Yeah, I’ve noticed you a time or two.” Gina’s cheeks flushed red, and she giggled as she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. “So Andrea, do you remember my cousin Brittany?” Derek and I followed Gina inside; stopping to wait for the elevator. “Yeah, I remember Brittany, what about her?” I asked, sliding through the elevator doors just before they closed. “She’s living with my mom and me now. I had to bring her with me, so she’s already upstairs talking to… a nurse.”  

                Brittany’s mom was killed in a car accident two weeks ago in Santa Fe. Gina and her mom, Paula, just got back today; they went down there for the funeral.

                “Oh, that’s going to be interesting.” I couldn’t help but wonder how it was going to end up. Gina and Brittany couldn’t really stand each other.

                When we got to Jaye’s room, sure enough, I saw Brittany sitting across from his bed; Gina walked over and stood next to her, but I stopped Derek outside the door to talk to him. I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she had gotten. She stood up when Gina walked in, and she was definitely way taller. Gina and I both measured at about 5 foot 2 give or take a few inches, but Brittany was surely at least four inches taller than that. Her bleach blonde hair dropped in little ringlets all around her head, and her crystal blue eyes seemed happy to see her little black haired cousin. “What did you need Andrea?” Derek called my attention back to him, and I thought for a second. “I can’t remember what I was going to say to you.”

                “Wow, Andrea, you need help.” Derek flicked me in the forehead and then left me in the hall alone.

                I wasn’t exactly ready to go in yet. I knew what I was going to see and I really didn’t want to see it. I don’t know how much longer I can continue to stay positive about this situation. I just want him to be better already.

                I pulled myself together and decided to just go ahead and go in. Everyone in the room seemed to stop talking when I walked in. “What?” I asked, placing a hand on my hip.” Gina pointed to the bed, and I turned around slowly, to face what had caused the room to go quiet.

                “Where’s Jaye?” I ran to the bed and pulled back the blankets; as if by some miracle he would be hiding underneath them. “Andrea, honey, it’s alright, and we’re going to figure out what happened. I promise.” Gina came over to me and put her arms around me, as Derek and Brittany left to go find someone to tell us what the hell was going on.

                “Brittany said there was no one in here when she came in, she thought she had the wrong room; but don’t worry, I’m sure they just moved him.” I couldn’t control the tears that started to run down my cheeks, as my mind kept running through the possibilities.

                “Andrea, come on!” Derek ran in, kind of out of breath and grabbed my hand. “Don’t cry, they just moved him; come on!” Derek began to pull at me impatiently. I followed him as I wiped my eyes and sniffled a few times. I felt stupid for freaking out just now.

                “Why did they move him?” I asked as we got back on the elevator and went up another floor. “Because I guess he was causing trouble last night for a few of the nurses.” Derek told me, as we got off on the fourth floor and walked down the hall.

                Great, so he was getting worse. This whole situation is just a nightmare. And it’s my entire fault. This never would have happened if I would’ve just stayed with him.

                We walked into the room we were told belonged to Jaye, but there was nothing but another empty bed. “What is going on Derek?” I asked, hugging him. “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. You girls wait here.” I sat down in one of the chairs closest to the bed, and Gina came over and sat on my lap; putting her arms around my neck. “It’s going to be fine girl.”

                I let a few tears escape, and Brittany came over and put a hand on my shoulder. “We could pray.” Gina suggested.

                “Pray about what?” I was too overwhelmed to notice who had asked, but I answered anyway. “Jaye… we don’t know what happened to him. They told us they moved him here, but when we got here, it was empty.” I looked up and wiped my eyes so I could see who I was talking to, and almost threw Gina off my lap.

                “Jaye!” I ran over to Jaye, who was standing just inside the door and threw my arms around him. “Don’t ever scare me like that again!” he wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me tight. “I’ll try not to.” He pressed his lips to my head and rubbed my back. “Why are you still crying? I’m fine sweetie.” He pulled back to look at my face, and I looked up at him; at his eyes; that I had seen closed for too long. “I’m sorry.”

                “You don’t have to be sorry for crying baby.” He wiped the tears from my cheek and placed a kiss there instead.

                Derek came back into the room with a huge smile on his face. “You knew, didn’t you?” Brittany asked him; walking over to where the rest of us were. “Yeah, I did. I wanted to surprise Andrea, but I didn’t know she was going to freak out.” Derek chuckled, and gave me an awkward side hug. Jaye didn’t seem too thrilled about it, and that fact made me extremely happy. “Well, they’re letting me go home tomorrow, if everything runs smoothly tonight. Where’s Grams?”

                “They’re gone, on a business trip; they should be back tonight sometime… unless they decide to stay longer.” I told him as he walked over to the bed and sat down.

                “Jaye, have you ever met Brittany?"

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