Hundred and Forty

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Love is as soft as silk and rough as rock.

This thing can be a blessing and a curse.

While true love is golden, fake love is mocked

For breaking their hearts and making them curse

Whenever the name "love" rings in their ears.

Love is a medicine for the selfless,

But an ailment for our arrogant peers.

Love is meant to be for pure happiness

For those worthy of this powerful gift,

But not for those who favor angry rifts.


A/N: A sonnet at last. This is actually for Round 4 Prompt 1 from Thinky Ink-Scribers, which is to create a sonnet.

I also have another news as well. I'm not taking a break from Wattpad, but I've been focusing on adding poems to this book too much that I have forger about the others. I really want to continue flora and Sixteen Days Swapped, a new novella of mine, and ending Journey with an amazing poem. So I might be not updating this book everyday.

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