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Heartbroken by prosenpoetry
Heartbrokenby lεα καlεs
You used to love me, but when you see someone else, you chase her like crazy. [07-08-17: #2 for Poetry] [From 06-28-16 to 04-20-17] Featured in @WP_Poetry's Reading List
  • depression
  • pain
  • breakup
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The Life and Laments of a Singaporean Girl (aka me) by veritycadenza
The Life and Laments of a Truth
Is it just me, or are half of the Wattpad users from America? (At least the people in the stories are) Let me bring you to the opposite side of the world: the little r...
  • chickenrice
  • laments
  • homework
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There goes my EVERYTHING by SkyinGray
There goes my EVERYTHINGby nikkiburns
That utter feeling of desolation that makes me want to sleep and wish to wake up in the time where everything will be the same as it was in my dream or maybe better. ~Sk...
  • dreams
  • wisewords
  • songs
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Dark. Tragic. Beautiful. by dear_miss_mar
Dark. Tragic. Miss Mar
Within these pages you will find a collection of poetic stories and thoughts. These writings have all been conjured from the mind of a sensitive girl, who was blessed wi...
  • storytellingpoems
  • laments
  • thoughts
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Surreal Nightmares by lilipusion
Surreal Nightmaresby Lily Clark
  • craft
  • songs
  • witchcraft
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Laments of a Broken Heart by my_heart_dies
Laments of a Broken Heartby Kevynne Spork
4th album~
  • songs
  • rip
  • danvers
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I Wavered To Take Love Home by clyzelperalta
I Wavered To Take Love Homeby Clyzel Lopez Peralta
Cath Syness is a woman who gave her all to deliver a baby named Carl. Her husband Creyton left the hospital premises with their child and his girl friend without Cath's...
  • take
  • clyzel
  • wavered
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Feed me my memory ( Completed √) by AhmedJamie
Feed me my memory ( Completed √)by Ahmed Jamila
Biography bitter memory regurgitation. how cruel love treated this girl, even when she tried to give it her all. And her love became shattered, what could she do? sure i...
  • love
  • laments
  • creative
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Verses from Knowhere by FaerieforJesusMuses
Verses from Knowhereby Faerie Willow
Where the pen meets the page, Where reality and dreams collide, Wishes and curses can be true, Adventures and normality can co-exist How many words must be used to expr...
  • scribbles
  • hidden
  • warnings
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The Darkest Shade Of Black by khudaa
The Darkest Shade Of Blackby Khuda
About that shade of black that's darker, deeper and stronger. About a black so mean that it scared death away. About the blackness in my heart that seeks to all the...
  • darkness
  • wattys2016
  • poem
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Nothing in Particular by calistacyq
Nothing in Particularby Calista Alexandrite
I noticed that a lot of Wattpad users are from America and Europe?? At least, most stories I read are based in America or Europe. I hardly see any Asians. This is me liv...
  • secondaryschool
  • random
  • basketball
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Tales from the Dark Caves by ArcherVoid
Tales from the Dark Cavesby Archer Warren
Come 'round, night's edge draws ever near Gray twilight gathers dark and drear. The air grows brittle, howling, and cold, So heed these tales arcane and old. From beneat...
  • laments
  • anthology
  • epic
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