Hundred and Fifty Four

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Nothing can parted,

Not even my earthly death,

From your constant love.


A/N: Hey, guys. Again, another haiku? Are you serious? Okay, I'll be asking you guys this question: What does this poem mean to you? There are no right or wrong answers; it's just your answer. My interpretation might be different from yours, so I'm curious of what you got.

And also, I'll be dedicating this poem to thirteenhoursofpain. After I read her last poem in Antidote, I got inspired by the last lines of the poem. Adding with what I believe in, I create this poem.

So, if you like this poem, vote for it. If you like my poems, add this book to your reading lists. Also check out my other works. Have a wonderful day or night, wherever you are. Over and out.

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