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Wide Awake

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My world was dark. Dark and beyond dark. Then, slits of dim light entered, until all I could see was the hazy vision of gray mornings. Something had woken me up.

I struggled to stay awake. I had to.

"Having trouble keeping consciousness? I can help." A voice said. I looked forward, not acknowledging her presence in the room. The click clacks of her shoes pounded into my skull each time she took a step. She was coming closer. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried my best to ignore her.

Don't let her bother you. Remember why you're here.

I turned my head away, as easy as it was to turn your head away when you're stretched out like on a spiderweb, ropes tied around your hands, neck, and feet, stretching your body out until it aches.

"Mr. Durand. I demand you tell me it now or worse will come."

"Like what?" I taunted. "Are you going to slit my throat? Stretch me even further? Poison me? Sorry Miss, but all of those won't faze me. I have always welcomed death. There's no one left out there for me," I ended bitterly.

"No," she said with that professional business-like voice of hers. "I am going ... to do this." She reached a hand out towards me. And pulled my fly down.

I gnashed my teeth together. "What are you going to do? Have sex with me?" I laughed at the thought of it.

She said nothing and reached inside the small opening in my pants. I felt it before she pulled it out. My dick. In her hands. Pulsing. Growing big. Warm. She opened her mouth and my dick was centimetres away from it when she closed her mouth, satisfied. Then she left the room, leaving my dick hanging outside of my pants like an abandoned sausage, swinging back and forth.

I was more awake than ever.

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