Milk Maid

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"Master...please..." the girl pleaded.

He took out the tubes connected to her hard nipples. They made a loud pop! sound when they were yanked. Her nipples bounced at the force and she clutched them, embarrassed.

The girl felt wetness pooling in her panties and pleaded with him more. "I'm coming to....please, at least touch it."

Her master's gaze travelled from her big swollen breasts to her desperate face, then lower. A slow grin made its way to his handsome face. "Only if you allow me to have one more long suck from those babies." He took one of her breasts in his warm hand and squeezed. She felt herself getting even more wet.

"Deal," she whispered.

"Get on the bed. And...strip off those clothes. I want to see your whole body."

The girl's eyes widened. "Really?"


She hooked a finger on the brim of her short skirt and gave it a small tug, revealing a hot, sexy ass. Her master swallowed nervously but stopped right away.

How could she be seducing him without her even knowing it? He wondered.

She looked at him shyly through her beautiful long lashes-and then he found out why. The girl was now completely naked. Her master scanned her body with a perverted smirk, shamelessly. She had big, but firm breasts which he knew already, a smooth flat stomach, long legs, and a sexy ass. He bit back an approving whistle.

"My, my," he murmured.

"You don't like it?" The girl asked anxiously.

An idea formed in his head, and he shook his head. "No. I don't."

"Oh please master! I'll do anything! Just come into me! Please!"

Her master faked a heavy sigh even though he was burning with lust and need. His manhood throbbed painfully. "Anything?"

She nodded eagerly.

He reached into his pant's back pocket and took out 2 metal circles. Handcuffs. The girl's eyes widened.

Her master forced her onto the large king-sized bed and clamped the 2 rings around each of her slim hands and cuffed her to the bed pole, her back on the bed and facing him.

"Now you're unable to do anything.." He finally let loose his excited smirk.

"Master.." She trailed off.

"Calm down, my little milk maid. Do not worry."

She closed her eyes and when she opened them again, his face was right above hers. She could feel his hot breath on her skin and shivered. But not because she was cold or scared.

Her master ran his rough, calloused hands all over her naked body.

"Are you a virgin?" He asked abruptly.

"Y-yes Master." The girl flushed deeply.


She kept quiet.

His exploring hands reached her breasts which were slightly wet from when he had sucked the milk out of them. He trailed his fingers over them, feeling the curves and enjoying the way she shivered and moaned.

"Can I suck them? Just one last time?" He asked. Somehow, his voice had turned husky and low.

The girl shook her head. "Remember what you promised me?"

"Fine." He slid off his pants and boxers. The girl averted her gaze. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off.

The girl gasped. "Oh..."

He had muscles that looked like they were carved by the gods; rippling under his tanned skin.

"Like what you see?"


He laughed. "I'm toying with you."

"Ok," she whispered.

Her master slid onto the bed and grabbed her legs. He pushed them wide apart, revealing her wet sex. It was dripping and soaking the bed. He slowly went into her, both of them moaning and gasping. A few times the girl screamed and thrashed around but that was since she couldn't use her hands.

He could push himself into her as much as he wanted, and the girl could do nothing about it. That was the most exciting part for her.

Soon, both of them were gasping, lying on the bed and letting their passion subside. It had gone a little too far.

"Master," the girl croaked.

He looked at her and caressed one of her nipples until a stream of pearly white liquid squirted out onto her other breast.

"Master!" The girl said, much louder this time. He ignored her and lapped up the liquid. It felt like heaven in his mouth.

He circled his tongue around her now erect nipples, taking his sweet, sweet time. Without thinking, the girl arched her body into his face, stuffing her breasts that were anxious for attention into him.

She heard a laugh, muffled by her breasts.

He then wrapped his arms around her waist and brushed his lips across her neck and they moved up to her face, planting short kisses every now and then. The girl responded by rubbing her sex against his manhood.

"Yeah," he whispered breathlessly.

She panted heavily and closed her eyes.

This was her life.

Being a Milk Maid for the most gorgeous man.

Using her breasts to feed men.

She was a Milk Maid and she was proud of it.

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