Wrong Guy

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Haley arrived home and prepared herself for another afternoon of sex with her husband, Kyle. He had always liked her to do it to him after coming home from work, so it was basically a habit. He had also suggested they have ten kids once, so he could feel pleasure as many times. More like twenty.

She went up the stairs and changed into something that showed more skin and then knocked on the door of her husband's room.

"Come in," a male voice answered.

Hailey smiled and glided into the room, climbed into the bed and fucked up her husband bad.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

"Ooooh .... aaah ... yeah, oh yeah. That's gooood." Hailey sucked in her lip as he rocked his pelvis against her. He slid inside her with so much force that she felt like she was dying ... then going to heaven as the pleasure kicked in. "You're especially good today you know. And I love that," Hailey whispered hoarsely.

His response was a squeeze to the nipple, then a light scratching of teeth. Her buds popped to attention, springing back. Immediately after that, they hardened.

"You know I love this part the best," she giggled like a schoolgirl. She watched his dark shape stretch in the darkness-all muscle and bones.

"I know you do," he whispered back huskily.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Hailey and her husband finished having an intense hour of non-stop sex and she decided to go down for a snack. Every time they did it, she was always hungry and tired out.

Hailey walked down the stairs slowly ... and saw her husband lying on the couch, reading a magazine.

"Honey, how did you get down here so fast?" Hailey asked.

He gave her a confused look. "What do you mean? I was here the whole time."

"Then who was in your room?"

"Oh, my father came over and I let him sleep there. Why do you ask?"

There was no response. Hailey had fainted.

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