Lesbian Love

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WARNING: If you are against lesbians or whatever, don't complain to me! (It's your problem if you decided to read it) I'm just the innocent writer tapping away at keys....not knowing what I'm doing... :P

I stood in front of my mirror, eyeing how I looked. I had a date planned out for tonight, and I wanted to look just perfect.

The dress I had chosen was strapless, showing off my smooth flawless shoulders. It flowed to right below my knees where it sprayed out in a small curve. There wasn't anything much special about it. Just that it was white, which matched my complexion, and had a scoop-neck. I slipped my hand into the neck part and tugged on my dress to cover more of my boobs. They were so big, it was hard to hide them.

I had done my white-blonde hair in a waterfall braid where it cascaded down my back. My make-up was light; natural and all.

Giving myself one last look, I retrieved my tiny handbag and pump heels and headed out the door.

~At the party~

My dress lay on the floor in a small pile of silk. My bra was being unhooked by the sexy girl on top of me. She was completely naked and I could feel her skin rubbing on mine, making me breathless.

"God, I love your tits," she mumbled against my soft breasts. Her tongue slid over them, her teeth biting my pointed, hard nipples.

"And I love yours." I cupped one of hers and bounced it in my hand. She loved it when I played with them.

Suddenly she stopped licking me.

"What's wrong?" I asked. I longed for her touch.

"Nothing." And then she entered me. Her tight clit was pumping against mine. I grasped her head and stuffed it into my breasts, feeling bursts of pain and pleasure.

"Oh....oh yeah....it feels so good..." She moved her ass up and down.

I used one hand to keep her head pinned against my breasts, and the other to grab her butt cheek and massage it gently.

"Harder," I whispered.

She pushed herself even more into me and a stream of liquid trickled between my legs. She bent down to lick it.

"Gross," I teased and laughed.

"Not as gross as this." The girl stood up and forced my head into her clit. As a reaction, I slid my tongue into it and circled it slowly. She groaned loudly.

We collapsed onto the bed.

My chest moved up and down as I breathed through my mouth to get more air.

This was one of the best nights.

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