My Angel

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Justin's POV:

"Thanks." I nodded at the bartender as he slid my Sex On The Beach drink over to me. I paid him in coins and took a seat by an empty table in the darkest corner of the room. While I downed the bitter drink, my thoughts drifted back to what had happened just one hour before. I let myself think it over and found myself playing the scenes over and over in my head...

I took out the small key my girlfriend, Melissa, had given me and unlocked her apartment door. I could hear sounds coming from her room and assumed she was home. Sliding off my jacket and kicking my shoes onto the ground, I said in a loud voice, "Melissa?"

There was no answer.

I crept up to her room and opened the door, peeking in. What I saw was unexpected.

Two bodies shining with sweat were entangled on her large king sized bed-the same one we'd made on for three years already. I made no noise, just took in the scene. Melissa hadn't seen me yet. Her companion was a dark-haired boy with a toned body of stone. Probably a one-night hook up.

The white sheets were thrown off the bed; their mouths fiercely moving around each other's, bodies pumping repeatedly against each other. The boy grasped Melissa's butt and she gasped but looked like she truly enjoyed it. They broke the serious kiss and looked into each other's eyes. This time it was my turn to gasp. I closed the door quietly and sunk down to the ground, putting my head in my hands.

Melissa had never looked at me in that way. So happy. And never had we had sex that passionately. She had always pulled away warily and would apologize, saying she wasn't ready.

Well she is now, a voice in my head said bitterly. I agreed with it silently.

After sitting there for another 5 minutes, thinking it over and wondering where it had all gone wrong, I got up, brainlessly put on my coat and shoes, and went out the door.

Now I sit here, frustrated and pretty much wasted. I'd had quite a lot of drinks already and had almost used up the last bit of my money.

I banged my fist on the table which made it shake unexpectantly and let out a frustrated growl.

Nearby costumers glanced at me warily and I saw the bartender glare at me. I didn't care. Nothing mattered to me now. Being heartbroken felt just felt like that. And it was even worse to found out in the way that your own girlfriend-one you trusted-had cheated on you.

I sighed, left my table, bought my last bottle of beer and went out the door, slamming it fiercely behind me.

* * * * *

My head felt like a ton of heavy bricks. My whole body was throbbing-either it was the effects from the beer or maybe anger, I didn't know. I sluggishly walked in an alley like a very drunken man-which I guess I was-and bumped into the wall.

Pain shot like fireworks in my shoulder and I screamed, "Fuck you, Melissa bitch! How could you do this to me!?"

I cried hysterically and hot tears streamed down my face non-stop. Through my blurry vision and drunken state, I drew my tired arm back and released some of my anger by smashing the bottle against the wall. The sharp green pieces of glass bounced off the wall...and headed in my direction. I ducked. But not fast enough. Shards pierced my skin everywhere and I sobbed for my life.

This is how I will die.

I had to accept my fate.

I hobbled over to a glass-free spot on the ground and slid onto my knees. I sniffed back tears and winced multiple times when each move I made cause immediate pain to stretch across my whole my body. I cried out Marla's name.

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