Lady in the red dress

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A young girl wearing a sexy, tight red dress that clung tightly to her round curves, with long curls of orange hair, bright red lipstick, and enough cleavage to attract all male attention in the room made her way over to a man. He smiled politely at her and gestured at a young man dressed in a popped open button-up shirt and jeans to come over.

"Johnny, my boy. This is Claire-my co-worker. Claire, this is my son, Johnny." The man introduced, after glancing quite obviously down her set of breasts.

Johnny tried not to make it too obvious that he was staring into her cleavage too as he looked at Claire. His father just smiled.

"Nice to meet you Johnny," Claire shook his hand and then stepped back, brushing her hair behind her ear with a long finger.

" too."

Claire hid a knowing smile.

They talked a bit more and then Johnny's father suggested they get a drink. The three walked over to the bar and ordered a few.

"So Claire. I heard you just moved here a month ago. Why did you move? Are you visiting your relative or something?" The man asked her and took a long sip from his glass.

Claire flashed a seductive smile at them and answered, "I moved here because the police caught me stealing drugs...and other things I don't think you want to know."

Johnny's eyes widened but his father just grinned like he was enjoying her. "Interesting," his father said. Johnny nodded mutely.

"Now it's my turn to ask you some questions..." Claire trailed her hand along Johnny's arm and his gaze never left it. His Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed nervously.

"Do you want to play a game of pool?" Johnny suggested suddenly.

"Let's," his father said and stood up. He offered Claire a hand. She took it and in that moment, the father looked down her dress and grinned. She didn't notice the perverted act.

After getting everything ready, they started the game. Johnny sat out for the first game so his father and Claire were playing.

She leaned down to purposely show the two men the depths of her breasts and eased her ass outward, letting any males passing by to have a mouth-watering view of her red thong. She scored a striped ball in a hole and pumped her fists up, causing her breasts to shake uncontrollably and whooped, "Yeah!"

Johnny's father instantly went to her side, leaned down, and shot a ball.

He had missed.

It was Claire's turn again. This time, right before she shot the ball, Claire lifted her head to look at Johnny who was sitting in a couch across from here. He quickly shifted his gaze where it was locked on her breasts before and onto her face where she gave him a quick lick on her lips. But it was enough to get him throbbing in the 'area'. He snapped his head away and his father's eyes met his. His father was grinning. Again.

To distract himself, Johnny gulped down a whole bottle of beer and wiped his hand across his wet mouth. He didn't notice Claire staring at him with a hungry look. He was too busy trying to make himself look anywhere but Claire and her body so he leaned back in the couch and watched a group of blonde chicks pass by. They were in really tight dresses, showing off their big bulging breasts and slender bodies. Johnny got up and walked over to them.

"Hey ladies," he drawled and gave them a smile. There were giggles and lots of hair flipping before one of them stepped up and said, "Hello there, Handsome. Come to join us?"

His eyes flickered to Claire who was preparing to score another ball, but then she stopped when her orange hair swept over the ball. She pushed it back but it kept coming. Finally, she stood up suddenly and reached down...pulled up her red dress....and stretched her thong around her long legs as she pulled it down and tied her long beautiful hair up into a high ponytail with the red thong.

"Ok, I'm ready." Johnny heard her say to his father.

He muttered to the girls a "Nevermind." as he walked away to the direction of the pool table and sat down onto the couch again, beer in hand. His heart pounded in his ribcage. His father came to join him and said with a smile, "It's Claire's turn." Johnny didn't get what he meant until Claire strode right in front of them, and leaned her body down to shoot the ball. The view was amazing.

"Try not to drool," his father joked.

Johnny rolled his eyes but was quiet as he took in the beauty of her ass. Two large round bums and...he sighed in delight and sipped his beer. Claire got up and said to his father, "I won!" And then to Johnny, "Johnny want to play? I sure do." She slowly spread a seductive smile on her face and edged towards him.

Johnny heard his father mutter, "Go ahead. I'll enjoy the view from here."


"Same goes for you." His father muttered back.

"Johnny you coming?" Claire was waiting for him at the pool table.

"Actually.." He took a deep breath to regain confidence and said, "I've got a better idea."

Claire got the message and raised an eyebrow. "Do you want to come over to my house? Or go to yours?" she purred.

Johnny gulped and heard his father chuckle. "How about now. In my car?"


She grabbed the collar of his shirt and slowly pressed her soft wet lips against his. He slid his tongue into her mouth and tasted the tangy flavour of lemons. He felt Claire grin against him.

She pulled away eventually and grinned. "Can't wait?"

This time Johnny grinned back. "Who wouldn't?"


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