Chapter 2

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Dean Pov

There is only one Women's champion not a Raw and Smack-Down Champion.  

Through out the whole week we were at their hotel skyping Alexander or for short Alex, our 1 year old. We miss him terribly but we couldnt bring him until we have a show in Las Vegas where he is with Edge and Christian. We got ready for Smack-down since Ruby has a match against Charlotte and I have to go with James Ellsworth to his match against A.J Styles. We went to my dressing room and Ruby started to change right in front of me. I always loved her body especially her tattoos. She has a tattoo of Alexander's name on top of her heart with a heart. 

"You do know you look hot as hell in that" I said pointing at her gear.

"You do know you look hot as hell in that" I said pointing at her gear

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"I know. Why do you think I wear it?" she said smirking sitting down on my lap watching Smack-Down Live.  She was watching the match between Naomi and Alexa Bliss. In about 5 minutes Alexa did Twisted Bliss getting the win. . We kept watching it until her match was next after Baron Corbin won against Jack Swagger. 

"Wish me luck" She said.

"Okay" I said then kissed her we were both kissing hard until there was a knock at the door. Ruby got up and got her cloak and sunglasses with me trailing behind her. I opened the door and saw James EllsWorth. When he saw Ruby he was in shock, staring at her, and checking her out which got me mad.  "Yes?" I said with a glare. Ruby raised a pierced eyebrow and James blushed.

"Can I talk to you" he said still blushing.

"Sure. Come on " I told him leading him to the gorilla. He was confused I could tell but I will explain everything later. Charlotte was in the ring talking shit about Ruby, that she is The Queen and that Ruby is nothing. Even though Ruby accomplished more than Charlotte. "You got this baby. Okay. You are the Rated R Diva. The first woman to ever hold the World Heavyweight 5 times. Okay" I said to her. She nodded putting on her coat and glasses and I told the guy to play her theme. "Go beat her ass" I said then kissed her one more time. James and I went to my room and watched her match. She came out like a true rocker. She slid in the ring and looked at Charlotte smiling. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when James spoke, "Is The Rated R Diva, Ruby your girlfriend?"

"Yup and she will be helping you with your moves" I said to him watching the match. Charlotte was in control right now putting her in the figure 8. Ruby was screaming and trying not to tap. "Come on. Come on. Come on." I kept repeating. Ruby was about to tap but she powers out by hitting Charlottes leg. I think she bit her. Charlotte lets go and throws Ruby in the corner so she could catch her breath and turns her back on Ruby. Bad idea. When she turned around she got speared. 1 2 3.  "Yes!!" I yelled. Ruby was getting out of the ring pointing at Charlotte laughing when she tried getting up. Her spears are powerful and that wasn't all her strength. She then went backstage.

"I still can't believe that she is your girlfriend." James said in shock.

"Yup now come on she is waiting for us." I said standing up. I walked to her and told James to go wait in the gorilla. I went to Daniel Bryan with my referee shirt on and said, "Okay I am ready."

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