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He looked so uncomfortable just sitting there. Maybe I should try and talk to him. Ok Pearson you can do this!

"So...um..what do you wanna work on first?", I asked stuttering over my words.

"Um I guess we could start the design for our model tonight. I mean if ya know that's ok with you."

"Sounds great.", I'm pretty sure I smiled like an idiot the whole way home. We pulled into my driveway and he followed me inside. My mom was in the kitchen singing while she made dinner.

"Hey sweetie how was school?", She called from the kitchen. she turned around and saw Cole and smiled.

"Oh hi and who are you?", She asked all sweet. oh mom.

"Um.. I.I.Im...c.cole.",he stuttered.

Aww how cute! I wish he knew how much of an effect he had on me. Oh well I'll tell him eventually. I swear his eyes are the best thing I've ever seen.

"Well Cole I'm Venessa, nice to meet you.", she said as she went back to cooking. I grabbed Coles arm and pulled him upstairs.

"So how do you wanna start?", I asked as I slipped off my shoes. He looked up from his phone.

"Umm well I figured we could just draw out how we want it to look, maybe get some research in.", he said rather confidently. That's extremely cute. We worked for about two hours and I have to say those were the best two hours of my life. Just being able to spend time with Cole made my day. I have to tell him how I really feel about him very soon.


We were riding to my house after working for almost three hours. And is be lying if I said I didn't have the best day of my life. I mean I know Pearson's straight and all but they doesn't mean I can't enjoy crushing on him! he was just so cute and his eyes were the prettiest blue. Oh and his muscles were the best thing in the world.

"Hey Cole dinners ready son."

"Oh ok be right down dad."

I grabbed my phone and ran down the stairs. Yeah I ran down the stairs, foods my shit so it's whatever. I really hope Pearson invited me over again tomorrow.

"FUCK!!", I yelled out. I earned a surprised look from dad, an angry one from mom and a look of pure humor from my older brother. WHOOPS!


Dylan looked like he was about to die from laughter, so I picked up a sausage ball and hit him in the face with it. YEAH THATS RIGHT BITCH.

"Boys stop it now.", dad warned us in his "oh I'm a strict father voice". Dylan stuck his tongue out at me.

"Seriously, you're such a child to be 18 years old Dylan.", I said flatly. I went back up to my room. See I yelled fuck because I remembered that I has swim practice tomorrow and can't work with Pearson. OH MY GOSH! Pearson's on the team!! How had I not realized this!?
I layed on my bed and sighed. I've gone from being scared to talk to Pearson to being his lab partner in just a few hours.

Wow........life is good!

Alright guys I really need to know what y'all think. like it's important.

Tell me everything you love hate and everything in between!!!

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