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"Girls! Get in here!!" Our manager,Joel, yelled.

We flew into his office and quickly sat down. He doesn't play when it comes to business.

We were officially signed with Columbia Records last November, when we were discovered singing at Club Lotus.They flew all of us to New York. From then on, we've sky rocketed to fame. We're not THAT know but we're getting there.

"You girls...Are going on tour!!" He cheered.

We began screaming and cheering along with him.

"As an opening act."

Our cheers died down a bit.

"For One Direction."


"Aren't you girls excited?" He exclaimed, practically bursting with happiness.

"Are we done here or what? I have a nail appointment to get to." Maya snapped while checking for nail chips. Like actual nail chips. She found the bowl of nail shaped chips and started munching on them.

"Yes that is all, but you girls should be excited. Any girl would kill to be in your places right now." He explained as if it were obvious.

"If you hadn't noticed, we're not like other girls. We give more fucks about knitting than we do One Infection." Zo snapped.

"I know you left of on bad terms with them, but you're going on tour with them and that's final." He concluded.

"I thought that the opening act shouldn't be better than the main act." Bell retorted in her spanish accent.

"Girls...go get packed." He chuckled, shooing us out of his room.


(12 hours later)

(Louis's POV)

The lads and I were standing outside in our jammies, freezing our bums off, waiting for the damn group to get here. It was 8:00 in the morning and we were tired.

A familiar black hummer rolled up first. the owner hopped out, smoking a purple pen, and gave us a tired look. She was black, but her eyes were the weirdest color of light green, cute but not really my style. Her hair was flipped to the side and the word "Zo" was shaved into the side. She wore some white leather sweats, a black V-neck, and some black and white spotted Air Jordan's.

She had a bunch of piercings too. I was somewhat scared of her.She began pulling out suitcases. Two more vehicles came up, a black Lamborghini and a albino porshe.

The first girl had long brown hair with blonde at the ends. She wore a B necklace, a old school Looney tunes dress and some pink Ed Hardy sneakers. Her hair was in a high bun. She looked very fetching.

The other girl look shy as a bunny.Her lip piercing threw me off a bit but she had on a cupcake shorts pajamas set with nerd glasses on. She wore bunny slippers and nerdy glasses. She shyly waved at Liam, who in return, blushed and waved back.

Lastly, a shadow black Mercedes drifted to a stop.A girl with sun red hair got out with some grey sweats and a long sleeved shirt w/ UGG boots. She walked straight up to Harry and began talking.

He yelled something and dragged her behind the jet.

A girl with long dark red-er, brown hair hair got out. I think. It was reddish brown actually.

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