Dear Darlin'

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Dear Darlin',

You told me not to feel bad, so I won't, even though it hurts to know about last night.

I want us to be that friendship that listens and trusts so that we pull through sticky situations.

I don't want you to bottle up and keep it inside.

So, I'm glad that you let it out. It makes me feel better that you did, even if you were nervous about making me feel bad.

I don't know why, but you putting out those emotions proves that our friendship is more.

A lot of people overuse best friends forever, but I want us to be that.

I don't want us to be those super tight friends in high school that mean so much to each other and then just fade. I want us to be more and rise above other friendship standards.

Well, darlin' I think we're on our way.

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