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Carmen POV

As I walk into the hovercraft with Lawrence, I see the one thing I really beg for.

"Makeup remover!" Lawrence and I say in unison. We run for it but my new stylist scoops the bottle in her hands.

"We ain't quite done yet. Paylor needs both of you in Command Room." She says.

"And if you need me, I'll be in the makeup room. Just call me Beau." She finishes.

Lawrence and I shake our heads and walk towards the Command Room. In there, we see Paylor waiting for us.

"Both of you were great! Now we need both of you to remain calm because we want both of you as a team." Paylor starts off.

"The rest of the day both of you are in training. And Carmen, your fake eyelashes are really bout to fall off." She finishes.

I yank off my false eyelashes. Lawrence keeps hysterically laughing at me. Pissed, I kick him in the shin and he shuts up.

"Both are dismissed." Paylor says.

I walk out to see the Makeup Room. Beau is right outside waiting for me. I rush there just in time to clear off all of the Capitol stuff. Beau is great, efficiently clearing off all my makeup.With the last of the makeup gone. I head back to the training room.

"This place is really like a maze." I mutter as I saunter around. After a long walk, I finally spot Lawrence in front of me. He looks just as confused as I do.

"Hawkeye! Where's training?" He hollers.

"How the fuck do I know?" I screech back.

After walking aimlessly together, Lawrence and I finally reach the training room to see darkness. What is going on?

Just then, a wall separates us. An announcement blares through the speakers.

"Solider Lart and Lawrence, the weapons are at the back. Get them and get ready for the race."

Race? What do they mean?

I grab my weapons, a beautifully crafted bow with some minor carvings and a sheath of arrows. I have no idea what did Lawrence get but I load up my bow.

Just then, lights light up the floor. Arrows point just as the buzzer sounds, signaling the start of training.

I make a mad dash just to hit someone on the nose.

"Fuck off, idiot!" I scream and my arrow pierces the heart. The "person" melts in my hands and I continue on. As I dash, I manage to kill off more and more. Finally, I see the exit. Running as I pant, I realize that someone is at the other side. Wielding a knife. I'm not able to make out what gender is that person.

"Think positive, Carmen. It's probably Crystal." I mutter to myself.

As I dash into the person's arms, the lights turn on. And as I look up, I see the person that I never wanted to see.

"SHIT. FUCK!" I holler. This isn't Crystal. This person has bright blue eyes, with the smallest of a smirk on the face. With chestnut brown hair.

"So, Distance, didn't know you liked me." He mutters.

"When did I even say that?" I demand just as we drop hands.

"You ran to me and hugged me. So, am I that attractive, Distance? Am I that seductive?" Lawrence asks.

"Don't even start. If you are attractive, I'm God." I reply.

"Oh please, you could always be my girlfriend. I'm only two years older. Don't even think you don't have feelings for me." Lawrence continues.

"Don't think so highly of yourself, Psycho. Fuck off." I say just as I turn my back to face him. Suddenly, he grabs my back and grips my shoulders, hard.

"Don't go. We are in a serious conversation bout you hugging me because I'm too attractive for your eyes. And yes, I will be your boyfriend." He says.

"You're delusional." I mutter.

"And," I start, flinging his hands away. "Goodbye."

"Fine, Carmen." Lawrence finishes as he kisses me on my cheek. I actually do enjoy it this time. Somehow.

I smirk, just a tiny bit, roll my eyes before leaving the room.


As I arrive at my room, I realize something. Why did I enjoy that last kiss?

Confusion. That's what I possess the most right now. Confusion.

I see the bar right beside the nightstand. I place the bow and arrows on the nightstand and I just can't resist the urge to get a drink. I need to leave the world for a while.

Tiny shot glasses line up the counter and I take one. It contains a purple liquid. I get drowsy and I'm so dizzy. Taking another. And another till I drop on the floor, unaware of what's going on.

Just then, I hear my earpiece flutter with activity. It's Paylor.

"Solider Lart, can you hear me? Solider Lart. Carmen?"

"Oh, hey! Hey Paylor!" I hiccup and laugh. The world is spinning.

"Carmen! What did you actually just do?" She retorts back.

"Shot glasses! So damn good!"

The earpiece goes dead.
Lawrence POV

"Solider Lawrence, partner is dead drunk. Go over now." Paylor says into my earpiece.

Carmen is drunk. That's fucking hilarious.

I walk out and go over. Knocking, I push open the door after no response. Carmen's on the floor, passed out, drink. Five shot glasses are on the floor.

"Dude, how much alcohol did you actually take?" I ask just as I pick Carmen up. She laughs for a while before saying,

"Hey, Lawrence! Babe! Come here! OMG! I really don't know! Am I that drunk?"

She leans on me just as I manage to get her up. She blinks for a moment and says,

"You think you're attractive, huh! Babe, I don't think so!"

"You're not too good now, Carmen. Why not you just go to sleep and when you awake, we'll discuss who's more attractive then?" I suggest.

"I'm fine, babe! Totally! And plus, I don't think I've ever told anyone this, but I really like you!" She continues.

"Wait, WHAT?!" I say.

"OMG, Lawrence.... I hate you but somehow I like you. So attractive. A psycho though. But hey! Welcome to the club right!" She laughs.

Just then, she attempts to stand and I attempt to help her get to the bed. But she falls on me and we both land on each other.

Somehow, her lips meet mine and she actually makes the move to kiss me. I don't stop it but I can't do this. I see a half empty shot glass and stop her lips for a moment. With the alcohol, I manage to actually have the courage to do this. We lie there, kissing until like it seems like forever till she stops. She smiles at me and says,

"Babe, I love you."

"Me too, babe. Me too."


Crystal POV

I'm awaken by the sound of static. Then, drops fall down on me. Burning, hot, pain.

The static drowns my eardrums. Ashley is awaken too with the rain dripping down straight on us and Clarissa. However, Clarissa had gone into the cave and is protected. She isn't awake but we are.

The pain is excruciating. With every drop sends pain down my back. Just to look up, it's actually blood rain. Ashley and I get shelter. However, it's the static that actually affects us more. Vast but still very realistic pictures blare in front of me. Clifford's beheadement. Carmen dead. Lux suffering. All of them. Dead.

A sweet scent explodes in front of me. It attracts me. I see Lux, calling me in. Walking straight. Ashley is too. The sweet scent. So familiar.

Finally reaching Lux's hand to grab me, I feel shock. And I fall back, paralyzed with a half dead Ashley beside me.





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