I decided to write a separate Luke fanfic and here it is! I hope you all like it and enjoy it because I’m having fun writing it. Feedback is always appreciated! Enjoy :)

                                                Chapter One

The rain was coming down in sheets now. It was pouring harder then it had been when I had left for work. I stood in the doorway of the little coffee shop, not wanting to go out in this weather. My phone buzzed and I looked down to see an incoming call from my mom.

"Hello?" I answered, peering out into the rain again.

"Sweetie, I need you to come home," Mom said. She sounded rushed. I heard a bang and realized that she was in the kitchen, most likely cooking. 

"Um, Mom, I don’t know if you’ve looked outside today, but it’s pouring," you informed her.

"It’s London Em, what’s new?"

"But I’ll be drenched when I get home," I groaned.

"Emmaline, you get yourself home right now," Mom said sternly.

"Fine, fine. I’m coming," I mumbled, hanging up.

I slipped my phone in my pocket and hiked the back of my sweater up. I prepared myself to run, lifting my feet up and down. Then I was off. I ran past the hordes of people who were smart and brought umbrellas for their journey home. I was soaked within seconds; my hair clinging to my shirt and neck. I managed not to slip on the slippy walk ways and make it home with no broken limbs. I slowed as I made it home, glancing at the house next to mine curiously. A moving van sat in the driveway. I hadn’t even realized that the house was for sale. I shrugged and ran into my house, shaking my hair our as I did so.

"Emmaline!" Mom yelled.

"You’re the one who told me to get home!" I said, trying to defend myself. 

"What happened to you?" Ryan asked, walking into the room. He looked at me with raised eyebrows, laughing at  me.

"Shut up," I retorted, smacking my older brother on the back of the head. 

"That really hurt," he said, faking hurt.

"I’m so sorry," I mocked. 

He smiled at me before tossing me me a towel. “Here hot shot. Go dry off and get changed, we have company coming over.”

"Company? Since when?" I asked, drying my hair. 

"Apparently, Mom and Dad have known about it for the past week," Ryan shrugged. 


I ran up the stairs and into my bright blue room. I stripped and changed into clean jeans and a stripped long sleeved shirt. I pulled my dirty blonde hair into a high bun and fixed my make up before heading back downstairs. 

"Ahhhh!" A voice screamed when I was halfway down the stairs. I ran the rest of the way, meeting Ryan at the bottom of the stairs.

"Was that you?" He asked, with some concern.

"Oh my God!! Em, where are you?" The voice screamed again.

"Oh thank God. It’s only Kat," Mallory, my seven year old sister, said, coming down the stairs. "I was really scared for a second."

Ryan and I smiled at her before he picked her up. “I’ll always protect you from scary things,” he told her, kissing her cheek. She giggled and nuzzled her head into his neck.

"Emmaline?" Kat, questioned.

My older sister, and Ryan’s twin, appeared around the corner. Her face boasted a wide, gleaming smile and she seemed about to burst with excitement.

"Katrina? Is everything okay?" My step-father’s British accent rung out. I turned to see him, standing in the hallway behind me. He gave me a look that said what-is-my-crazy-daughter-up-to-now. I smiled and shook my head.

"No! Wait, yes! Everything is perfect! Em," she said turning to me. "Guess who moved in next door?"

"5 Seconds of Summer," Dad said smiling.

"Yes!" Kat squealed.

"No way!" I said, my eyes lighting up. 

"Dad, did you really have to?" Ryan groaned. 

"What do you mean?" Kat asked confused.

"That’s so mean!" I laughed, hitting my Dad jokingly. "You could have told us."

"I was actually going to record the moment Kat found out, but I guess I can’t now," he laughed.

"Wait, you knew about it?" Kat asked, still confused.

"K, he’s part of their production team," Ryan explained, trying to keep the duh sound out of his voice.

"No…way!" Kat squealed.

I rolled my eyes as my sister continued to freak out. Kat and I had liked the band for last seven months, after we had found one of there covers on YouTube. Kat stalked them constantly while I was content to just sit and listen to their music and watch their videos, and follow them on twitter. The two of us had been trying to convince Dad, to help produce them since then. And it looks like he had finally agreed.

"I have to go get changed," Kat said, hurriedly, heading up the stairs. 

"Too late!" Dad said as the doorbell rang.

"They’re…they’re here?" Kat asked, eyes wide.

"They’re our dinner guests," Mom appeared. 

Kat and I stared at each other wide eyed. What was happening?

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