Chapter two! Yay! I hope you guys are enjoying it! :) ~ Emma 

                                                 *Chapter Two*

The doorbell rang again as I turned to my dad.

"You’re joking," I said.

"Nope. Now I have to go answer the door," he smiled before walking away.

"Oh my God your faces," Ryan laughed. 

"Be nice!" Mallory said, seriously, bopping him on the head.

"Well you just got told," I laughed. Ryan stuck his tongue out at me.

"Can we play a game?" Mallory asked.

"How about laugh at Kat’s face?" I suggested. She had a look that was mixed with shock and excitement. 

"No! Tag!" Mallory cheered. "And you’re it Em," she laughed as she hit my leg and ran away.

"Mal, we can’t do this right now," I said as I chased after her. 

"You can’t get me!" She laughed. I just smiled and chased after her. 

"Gotcha!" I laughed, picking her up and tickling her. She laughed and screamed.

"And these are our daughters. Mallory and Emmaline," Mom said.

I looked up to see all four of the boys that I loved. Wow. Okay, Em, don’t mess this up.

"Hi," I smiled. "I’m Em."

"Hello," Mrs. Hemmings said. "Who’s this little girl?" She smiled at Mallory, who just buried her face into my shoulder.

"This little muskrat is Mallory," I smiled, introducing her.

"I’m not a muskrat!" Mallory said indignantly. "I’m a penguin! Like you!"

"Oh really?" Ryan asked her walking into the room. She smiled at him, nodding her head proudly. "Okay little penguin, come here," he said as he took her from me. "I’m Ryan," he smiled introducing himself. 

"I’m Ashton," the blonde introduced himself. 

"I’m Michael," the black haired boy said, shaking Ryan’s hand.


"I’m Luke," the other blonde smiled at us shyly.

Ryan smirked at me and I shot him an don’t-even-think-about-or-else-your dead glare. He wiggled his eyebrows at you. Luckily no one was paying attention. Kat walked into the room. I could tell she was trying to keep her cool and not freak.

"Hi," she smiled. "I’m Katrina."

"Hey," Ashton smiled at her.

"Be nice!" Mallory, pipped up, hitting Ryan on the head. He looked at her eyes wide. I turned away, laughing, imagining what Ryan could have been saying.

"She’s allowed to think they’re cute. They are and they are suuuuper nice," Mallory said, telling Ryan off. Kat had turned a dark shade of red and Ryan and I couldn’t control our laughter. 

"I’m so sorry for all of them," Mom apologized to the boys quickly.

"Sorry? For what?" Michael asked.

"This is how the boys act towards each other so it’s nothing new," Mrs. Hemmings smiled at Mom. Mom just laughed, put at ease that it wan’t only her family that was crazy.

"I need to finish a little bit of cooking so if you all want to take a seat in the parlor," Mom indicated the room to our right.

"I still don’t get why she calls it a parlor," Ryan muttered into my ear.

"It’s because she likes to pretend she’s British," I whispered back.

"I’ll come help," Mrs. Hemmings volunteered, following Mom into the kitchen. 

"Okay, right this way to the parlor," Ryan said in his most posh British accent. All the boys laughed as they followed him in. 

"So you’re a fan?" Ashton asked Kat. Dad tried to stifle his laughter as Kat just blushed.

"You could say that, yeah," she smiled. She was good, real good. I don’t know how she kept such a straight face and not freak out over her four favorite boys siting in our living room. 

"Hey, do you want to sit?" A soft voice asked.

I was leaning against the door frame and looked to the couch right next to me. “I’m okay. You’re our guests,” I smiled at Luke. “Thank you though.” 

Had Luke Hemmings actually just talked to me? What was life?

"So are you a fan of our’s too?" Calum asked me.

"A little," I shrugged. "I like your music, but I don’t stalk you constantly."

"I don’t stalk them," Kat groaned. 

"Stalkers are cool though," Ashton, who was sitting next to her, smiled at her reassuringly. 

"Or creepy," I muttered, causing Luke and Calum to laugh. Kat shot me a look to which I just smiled sweetly. .

"Okay dinner time!" Mom smiled, walking into the room. 

"You kids ready for this?" Dad said, trying to be all gangster. 

"Oh GoD," Kat groaned. 

"Yeah bro. Let’s do this yo!" I responded. Dad high-fived me as all the others laughed.

"At least I have one daughter who gets me," Dad said as he led everyone into the dinning room. 

Now to see what dinner had in store. 

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