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                                                 *Chapter Seven* 

"Oh come on!" Ryan said exasperatedly as I scored another goal. 

"Yes!" I cheered victoriously, high-fiving Ashton. 

"Dude," Ryan shook his head at Michael. "You let the ball roll right past you."

"Sorry?" Michael shrugged. 

"You’re so going to lose if he keeps playing," I laughed. 

"I thought you Australians were supposed to be good at football," Ryan told him.

"No, we play football. If you want good, go get Calum to play," Michael smirked.

"I’m in," Calum said, jumping the fence that separated our backyards. 

It had been a month since the boys had come here. In that short amount of time, they had done so much. They had written tons and performed in random areas around London. They had also quickly become like extended family and some of our best friends. At least one of the boys was always over at our house and it wasn’t an unusual thing for us to eat dinner at one or the other’s houses.

"I was enjoying winning," Ashton groaned.

"Sucks," Calum grinned as Michael tossed the ball in. 

"Game on," I whispered as Cal dribbled the ball towards Ashton, who, by the way, looked extremely nervous and slightly scared. 

I ran towards him and went to kick the ball, but his foot collided with mine and my ankle twisted side ways as he ran over it. 

"Ugh," I groaned as I collapsed to the ground.

"Shit, Em," Calum said as turned around and ran towards me.

I pushed myself into a sitting position. I tried to stand, but failed miserably. “Something’s definitely wrong,” I mumbled as I finally felt the pain kick in.

"Come here," Calum said, helping me up.

"Can you walk on it?" Ryan asked, running up to us.

 ”Not a chance,” I said through gritted teeth.

"Come on. Let’s get you inside," Ryan said as he put my other arm around his neck. I limped between Calum and my brother. Ashton ran ahead and opened the door for us. They walked me into the den and set me down on the couch gently.

"Here you go m’lady," Michael said, trying to lighten the mood as he handed me an ice pack.

"Thank you," I smiled. It turned into more of a grimace as I accidentally moved my foot.

"I’m going to call Dad," Ryan informed me as he moved into the kitchen.

"We’ll go get Liz. She’ll know what to do," Michael said as he and Ashton left the house.

"I’m so sorry Em," Calum mumbled as he sat in front of me.  

"It’s fine," I assured him.

"You got hurt," he pointed out. I just shrugged and smiled at him. He bit his lip and looked at me. "Em?"


"Can I?" He asked.

He started to lean in and I sat there frozen. Ever since that night a month ago, I had known I liked Calum, but that didn’t mean that my feelings for Luke were gone. But unlike Calum, the blonde had never shown any interest in me. I liked Calum so why couldn’t a take a leap of faith and see if anything would happen. 

I nodded and Calum connected our lips together. I kissed back immediately, enjoying the feeling. I felt him smile into the kiss and I smiled back. He pulled away, a smile on his face. 

"So," I smiled, playing with our entwined hands.

"So," he joked. I laughed, rolling my eyes playfully. "I’ve wanted to do that for a while now," he admitted.

"I’m glad you finally did."

"I felt bad that I hurt you."

"Cal, you..," be he cut me off.

"I should have been more careful. I hated to see you hurting like that and I got nervous and thought about how something worse could have happened and I would never have been able to tell you." He brushed a piece of hair off my forehead. "I won’t ever let you get hurt again," Calum promised. He leaned in a kissed me one more time. He pulled away right as the door opened. 

Luke walked into the room looking breathless. I looked at me worriedly and I couldn’t but think that maybe I had made the wrong decision.

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