Chapter 7

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Bad Thoughts

“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?”

- John Lennon

 Three months...

 The amount of time I had was only three months.

 Granted, should I even survive this hell.

 What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I thought “Why the fuck not”

 I was signing my death warrant.  I’m not cut out for this as I thought I did, what if I fail?

 No.. I will fail.

 Did I really believe I was brave enough for a mission like this? I'm scared shitless! I was brave only for the moment... I can’t be brave for a world like this. People like Vance can...

 Just after three days, and I’m already pretty injured. Imagine spending 3 months out here. I’m not used to this fucking world like Nage and Jas are.

 How do I even know if they’re really helping me? If those invaders wanted to get in our vault... who knows if there are other people who do?!

 I’m not going to live these three months...and when the work around system fails, the whole Vault will panic.

 Everyone WILL DIE of thirst, or even worse... Sooner or later the Overseer may send people out again, and when they do, what if those invaders return?!

 What a horrible image... Those invaders coming back, just slaughtering everyone in the vault..

 The remaining security force won’t stand a chance, and what am I doing to prevent it? Absolutely nothing!

 With a gasp, my head rose up with quick speed. The piercing pain of the gunshot wound has returned to my side and ass. The pain wasn’t as bad as how I felt before I took the drug that really eased all of it, I was able to bear with the pain and tried to stand up. As I stumbled out the tent, I quickly lost balance and started to fall. Before I hit the ground though, Nage grabbed me by my shoulder and placed my arm around his neck.

 “Woah there tough guy! Forgot you got shot in the leg? Take it easy.”

 Nage walked me over to the now smouldering campfire. He placed me on a log and patted my back.

 “Let me get you something so you can walk easier.”

 Huh, that was awfully nice of him. I rolled up my pants to see the exit wound I had on my leg. The bullet must have teared through a muscle tendon, which may explain why I couldn’t walk.

Nage came back with two wooden objects which looked very similar to a crutch only instead of plastic and metal like in the Vault, it’s made of wood.

 “Put your arms on these, get some weight off of that leg.” said Nage.

 I did as he said, getting the weight off of my leg helped alot. These wooden crutches became my new leg until my old one has healed.

“We’re gonna be moving out soon, go meet up with Jas down at the road. I’ll pack up your tent.” he then walked to my tent and began packing it together.

 The crutch really did help, instead of stumbling around the place, I can walk more properly and without chance of falling.  As I walked down the hill I saw the rest of the group getting ready to leave, I saw Jas walk up to... wait, what exactly is that?

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