Finding A Dragon

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Finding a Dragon

Aurora was sitting in the lunch room again, feeling confused. She felt the pull of the Kiisedae, yet she didn’t know where the pull was coming from. It had marginally shifted, and was now coming from somewhere in the school, she was almost sure of it. A gust of wind blew down upon her and she knew exactly who caused it.

“Hey Jessie, hey John.”

She greeted them in a flat tone. Jessie jumped off the back of the brown wind dragon, and landed perfectly in front of her best friend.

“Something’s up, Aurora. What’s with the monotone?”

Aurora sighed, she was getting slightly depressed because of the dragon she couldn’t find.

“I just don’t know where it is! My dragon could be anywhere, and I just felt a massive shift in the pull of the Kiisedae. It feels closer, but in a different direction. What do I do now?”

Her friend looked on sympathetically.

It had been easy for Jessie to find John, the pull lead her straight to the hatchery, where an egg had just hatched. She walked in and saw him, and they were bonded immediately. She thought about what she could do to help. An idea formed in her mind.

“Rose, come with me. I need a partner to help me practice some fire spells, and you always do that.”

Jessie used the nickname that Aurora sometimes preferred. Aurora looked at her with knowing eyes, she knew exactly what Jessie was doing, and both girls were hoping with all their hearts that it would work.

The young aether dragon’s head was spinning. He now understood so much about his history and how rare he was. He also understood what the feeling in his heart was, the Kiisedae. He understood how to do minor spells, only useful for healing and stronger flight for a couple of minutes when he learnt to fly. The headmaster offered the young dragon a place at the academy, and he immediately accepted. After a small moment of thought, the headmaster sent the dragon in front of him to the hatchery, where all baby dragons went. The aether dragon protested, saying he wanted to learn, not be pampered like a chick. He told the headmaster what he had been through, and how he needed to look after himself instead of having others to look after him.

Suddenly, he felt a twinge from the Kiisedae. It was slightly fatiguing, like someone was using his energy as their own. He stopped mid-sentence, confused by the feeling.

“Headmaster, the Kiisedae is tiring me. It feels like someone is using my energy.”

The headmaster had an understanding look on his face.

“Is the pull strong, like your rider is near?”

After feeling it for a while the young dragon nodded.

“I think you might be bonded to one of my students. Follow the bond, you and your rider will want to train together immediately.”

The white dragon ran out of the room and came to a flight of stairs. He spread his wings and glided down them, angling his body so his descent would be faster. The pull directed him through a maze of corridors, but he continued following it. Finally he stopped outside a room. Shouts were coming from inside, followed by the sound of fire, rushing around. He tried to get through the door, but it was made of solid stone. After trying multiple times, he just lay outside, content to wait.

Inside that very room, Jessie was shooting fireballs at Aurora, who was reflecting them back at her friend. This continued until Aurora tried to harness the power of fire and shrink it until it ceased to exist. She was finding it surprisingly easy today, the fire just vanished. Normally she had to attempt it three times before the fire disappeared. It was almost like her magic had been boosted by the bond. Just as the thought crossed her mind, she felt the bond flare up, as though the dragon was really close. This thought distracted her, and she only just managed to throw up her magic shield and reflect the fireball in time. Jessie looked at her, concerned, before Aurora just waved it off.

“The Kiisedae is closer, it just distracted me.”

Jessie’s eyes showed understanding.

“Do you want to call off the training for the day?”

Aurora nodded and they walked towards the door. Jessie swung it open and yelled in shock. Aurora craned her neck to see what startled her friend, and she saw her dragon.

The Kiisedae pulled her the last few steps to the little dragon, and made her reach out her hand, brushing the head of the young dragon. She felt a hidden corner of her mind suddenly become revealed, and a door open. A flood of thoughts that weren’t her own rushed into her head, most of them similar to what she was thinking. One thing that seemed highly important was the name of this young dragon. He didn’t yet have one, but she knew the perfect name, and it would fit perfectly.

“Hello Draco.”

She murmured, and Draco responded.

“Hello Aurora, I was hoping to find you here.”

Together the newly bonded dragon and rider shared thoughts and memories for an unknown amount of time, for time didn’t exist in the realm of thought passage that linked a dragon and their rider, the magic link known as the Kiisedae.

Jessie cleared her throat, and Draco and Aurora lifted their heads, remembering where they were.

“You can get to know each other in your dormitory. Come on, we have to tell the headmaster about this.”

With that, they were on their way, together at last.

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