I ran into the girls bathroom. I looked around to see if anyone was in here. When I saw that no one else was here I punched the mirror. I watched as it broke before I leaned against the wall. Matt was going to kiss me.

We were about to kiss. Why did I back out and run away? I shook my head. Focus Lidiya, you can think about this later. Right now you've got to find Dad. I walked out the bathroom and started to search for my father.


I went towards the punch bowl and poured myself a drink. Why did Lidiya push me? Did I freak her out. I sipped my drink as I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and almost coughed on my drink.

"Uncle Mark."

"Matt. So much for not coming." he said.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here because I work for the people who our hosting this party." he said. Oh crap.

"I actually wanted to thank you Matt."he said.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because you brought the fugitives here with you." he said.


I was going down a hall way when I heard footsteps from behind me. I turned around and saw a man wearing a black and white suit. I turned back around and started to run only to be stopped by two other men. They all came at me, grabbing my shoulders and I struggled to fight them off.

"Let me go!" I said.

They ignored me and started to brag me away as I continued to struggle.


They men that were holding me were thrown to the wall. My dad came around the corner his eyes dark. He started to fight all of them with his dagger,cutting, punching and kicking at them all. Someone grabbed me from behind and I turned around punching them in the face but they hit me back and I fell to the ground. In seconds my dad was at my side holding the guy that hit me by his neck.

"No one hits my daughter." Dad said before breaking the guys neck.

I laid there on the floor until my dad help me up. He scanned my face was his eyes,no longer dark and scary.

"You okay?" he asked.



We looked up as I saw my uncle Thor. My dad pushed me behind him.

"Thor." my dad spat out his name like it was venom.

"Lidiya." Thor said.

"Uncle. Been a long time I seen you since you hit me with your hammer." I said.

"Where's Lilyana?" Dad asked.

"She safe."


"I would never lie to you brother."

"I'm not your brother."


Matt's uncle came out from behind Thor.

"Nice to see you again." Mark said.

"I've should have known.You working with the people who took my mother." I said.

"We're protecting her from him."

"There is nothing wrong with my father. He is a good man."

"Would a good man try to take over earth? Manipulate people? Kill innocent people? You don't even know what happened in New York?" Mark said.

"What did my dad do here that was so bad?The shield agents deserved it. "

"But not all of then were apart of shield."

"What?" I asked.

"Lying to your own daughter,Loki." Mark said tusking at him.

My dad ran at him only for Thor to stop him. Mark started to walk towards me with a needle in his hand.

"Lidiya run!" Dad yelled.

I dashed down the hall with Mark on my tale. I ran out side and went down the steps. I was about to teleport when Mark grabbed my arm. He wrapped his arm around my waist as he put the needle up to my neck. Before he could push it in he was pulled off of me and my dad had him in a choke hold. Uncle Thor grabbed him from behind and Mark staved him with the needle.

"NO!" I yelled.

My father became limp and Thor had to hold him up. My dad started at me but I know it was hard for him to keep them open. I ran over to them but Mark hold me back.

"DAD!"I yelled.

"Go! I'll hold her here until you get back." Mark said as I started to fight.

"Lidiya.." my dad said and I reached out my hand for him. I felt a connection and saw an image of a baby holding its hand at my dad before getting taken away.Me.

There was a boom as a beam of light came from the night sky and landed on them and in a flash they were gone.

"DADDY!" I screamed.

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