Got Ran Over By Dave Franco

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My name is Sarah Sanders. I am 19 years old and I still live with my parents in Hollywood, California. My parents hate me. And no I'm not "just saying that". You could blame it on my 16 year old brother, Kyle. Well you could have. He was killed in a car accident 3 weeks after he got his license. It nearly killed me when he died 2 years ago.

It pretty much did kill my parents. After it first happened my mom shut down for months. My dad still pretends to this day that I am and always was an only child. Sad I know right. My mother is a stay at home mom but that doesn't mean she is ever home. My dad use to be a manager for one of those "where are they now?" actors but after the whole fiasco with the death of my brother he quit to be  home more often. Now he is a substitute teacher at the community college. Awesome promotion right? At least the students actually really like him and he enjoys it.

Anyway, now I have no social life, no friends, no boyfriend and barely an education. It took a lot of convincing to get my parents to allow me to drive. Every time I get in my convertible light blue Volks Wagon Bug my mom looks at me and whispers "be careful" with tears in her eyes. It breaks my heart but I can't say anything because I've had to be the strong one. And I hate it. Sometimes I feel like they forgot that he was my baby brother. Well what can I do?

Welcome to my life. 

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