Chapter 5

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(y/n)'s Pov

I wake up to the sound of Finn yelling, I blink and rub my eyes, I listen to their conversation as I get up "Well what if I do like her!, she'll never like me, so what does it matter!" I blush at the thought of him liking someone, I wonder who it is. I walk to where the ladder is. I slowly and quietly go down in hope of not disturbing their conversation. "Oh so you do like her" I see the pasta on the stove in a pot and walk over to it. "Yeah.... But I don't want her to find out." I grab the bowl but accidentally drop it, but it doesn't break, good. Finn and Jake both look at me, Finn blushing. "Don't mind me guys, just came to get food." Jake looks a bit worried "How much did you hear?" I start to dish some pasta for myself "I heard that Finn likes someone, and personally I think it's PB." I say smirking. I sit next to jake at the table eating the spaghetti. Finn got even more red "I... I don't like her!" Finn said defensively "He used to have a thing for her though." Jake said smirking. I giggled a bit "Well if its not PB, then who are you talking about?" I look at Finn, then Jake waiting for an answer. I gulp down a bite "Who is it guys, you want me to guess or something?" "Sure" Jake said "Fine, Flame princess?" "That's his ex" Jake answered "Oooh sorry touchy subject" "No it's okay" Finn said. I continued listing princesses "Wild Berry?" "No" "LSP?" "No" "Cloud?" "No" "Bouncy House?" "No" "There are too many princesses, just tell me!" They both look worried and don't answer. I finished my pasta "Alright fine" I put my hands up in defeat "Its obvious you don't want to tell me, I'm going to go hang out on the roof for a bit. I'll probably be out there for an hour, if you need me that's where I'll be. "Alright" Jake said. I grab my cloak and head up to the roof. The moon is really bright, everything is really pretty. I start thinking about my life before Finn and Jake. I was a bad person, I stole and tricked people, I did it so much I got really good at it, I never got caught until I tried the candy kingdom for the first and last time. I teared up a bit, hugging my knees to my chest and staring at the moon.

Finns Pov

"Dude go tell her you like her" "No way, not now" "You won't get a better chance than this" "But I'm scared. I can't" "Dude, you can do this, think about how great your life will be after you tell her" "But what if she doesn't like me back" "Don't worry about that and just go and do it" "Alright, I'll do it" "Yeah bro you got this" I take a big breath and head up to the roof.

(Y/n)'s Pov

I zone out a bit staring at the moon. I hear someone climbing up, I see Finn climbing up and I wipe my tears away "Hey Finn what's up?" "Were you crying?" "No" he came to my side "You were, what's wrong?" He's sitting next to me and I'm still staring at the moon "I'm a horrible person" I say smiling at the moon "I have stole from so many innocent people, and if I wasn't caught that day in the candy kingdom I would still be doing it" I put my face in my hands "I feel horrible" "You were just doing what you had to do to survive" he told me. I was crying a lot again "Why would you be telling me that, you're the hero, I'm just a lowly robber, how could someone like me end up here? I don't deserve this! I don't deserve any of this!" "I LIKE YOU!" I wiped away my tears again "what?" "The person that I like, it's you." My head is spinning, Finn likes me? Do I like him? "Oh, Finn, I'm flattered... Can you give me some time to think about it?" "Uh yeah sure" He looks really disappointed, I feel kind of bad, but I just have so many things going through my head. He nods and walks to the ladder to go down "I'm going to bed, come down soon, and remember, you ARE worth it." He smiles sadly at me before going down. After he's all the way down and inside, I wait about 10 minutes before going in. I head to my cot and quickly go to bed.
I wake up before anyone else. I go to my bag and pack supplies. Jake wakes up shortly after "Good morning" I say "Good morning" Jake responds "I'm making eggs, they will be ready in a bit." Jake adds, going down the ladder "Alright" I continue packing my bag. Finn wakes up an packs his backpack too. We don't talk much before heading down the ladder. We eat Jakes eggs then head out, leaving a waving BMO behind. We are both on Jakes back, it's a bit awkward. We travel for a long time, me playing the role of a GPS. I have the map in hand. We end up in a forest a long way from the tree house and candy kingdom. "Guys it's getting dark, lets set up camp and I can make dinner." Jake says. Me and Finn agree. We set up a campfire and take out our sleeping bags. Jake takes out his pan and puts some meat on it.
I head to a nearby cliff and sit down there waiting for food to be done. I dangle my feet off the edge and watch the sun go down. Finn comes up behind me and sits next to me "hey" "hey Finn" I reply "Y'Know Finn, I've been thinking, I... I uh think I like you too." He blushes and looks down at me "What?" Then Jake calls us back and I quickly run back, Finn following close behind. I sit on a log and Jake hands me a piece of meat. I chow down and so do Finn and Jake. It has gotten really dark. I finish my food along with everyone else. Jake fell asleep in his sleeping bag, leaving me and Finn in an awkward silence around a crackling fire. "Uh so..." Finn tries to start up a conversation. I get up off my log and sit next to him on his log. I lean my head on his shoulder an look up at him to see him blushing "I really do like you." He looks down at me "Really?" I take my head off of his shoulder and take his head in my hands. I kiss him. I surprised myself, Finn kissed back, which made me even more surprised. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped my hands around my waist. I pull back and Finn looks astonished. I smile and hug him "I really like you." He's a blushing mess "I-I uh like you too." He says smiling. "Oh but don't tell Jake what happened, I think he'll just make fun of us for the rest of the adventure." I say giggling a bit and leaning my arms on my legs, looking at the fire. "Uh sure."
Finn responds, still blushing "I'm going to go to sleep." I tell Finn and I snuggle into my sleeping bag, I slowly fall asleep to the sound of the crackling fire.

Finns Pov

I can't believe that just happened. I watch (y/n) go to sleep, really happy that she actually likes me back.
She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. I decide to go to sleep right after. I fall into a deep sleep pretty fast.

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