Chapter 3

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Finns Pov

Wow I can't believe she's human, it's amazing. She tried to get off Jake but she quickly remembered her situation and recoiled. "Here I'll help you." I let her get on my back and walked into the treehouse. Once we got in I placed her on the couch and picked up the phone to call PB so she could treat (Y/n)'s wounds. I was about to dial but jake stopped me "what the heck man, you can't call PB she's just gonna turn (Y/n) in" "But if I explain the situation she won't right?" "I don't know man PB can be a little aggressive when it comes to robbers." "Lets just see." I dial PB and she quickly picks up "Thank goodness you called Finn did you get the robber?" She sounded hopeful "In a way." She got quiet "What do you mean?" "Well you see she's at the tree house, and badly injured, can you come and I'll explain when you get here." "Fine Finn but it better be a good reason." "Trust me princess it is." "Okay, be there in a jiff." I hang up and sit down next to (Y/n) who is talking to BMO. She turns and smiles at me "I really like BMO." BMO claps "yay BMO!" (Y/n) giggles, that was pretty cute, I can feel my face get hot and I quickly turn the other way to hide it but I see jake looking at me and laughing while making kissy faces. I glare at him right when PB comes in. "That was fast." "Where's the patient?" I point next to me and (Y/n) awkwardly smiles at her.

(Y/n)'s Pov

I see the princess come in and I can't help but feel guilty for stealing from her. PB walks over to me. I put my face down so my hair can cover it a bit. I can see that she is standing right in front of me "so Finn care to explain?" "Uh... Oh yeah this is (y/n) (l/n) she's poor and lives on the streets so she was trying to get some food before the alarm went off and she jumped out the window. She went through the woods and tripped on something and messed up her knee, then she jumped off a cliff into the river and messed he knee up even more. Now she's here." I looked up at the princess a bit until she looked at me and I looked down again "Interesting, do you have a family?" I was quiet when answering "No they died in a fire when I was young." "Oh sorry to hear that." I could hear pity in her voice, "It's alright it was a long time ago." I looked up at her and all the hair fell out of my face. The princesses eyes went wide and she dropped her bag and quickly took my face in her hands inspecting it. "You're a human?!" "Umm yeah ." I respond back a bit confused. "This is perfect!" "What do you mean princess?" She looked really excited "We can repopulate the humans!" I looked at the princess "WHAT?!" I said "yeah!.... Oh but don't worry we will only need samples from both of you to start the project." I leaned back in the couch relieved "whew." I looked at Finn "Why were you so worried?" I looked at him confused. Then pain rushed to my knee again and I folded over from the pain. The princess then remembered what she came here for and got down to my level "Alright lets see your knee." I rolled up my pant leg so it was about mid thigh and put my leg on the table so she could see. She inspected it and dropped some liquids onto it and cleaned it up. She put some gauze on it and wrapped two tensor bandages around it so it was stiff. She dug around in her bag and pulled out some pills "These are pain killers you can take one every 4 hours." I nod and take the canister "Thank you." "No problem, and I'll let you off with a warning this time, but if I ever catch you trying to steal again I will put you in candy prison." She suddenly got scary so I nodded silently and put my head down so my hair covered my face. She left after that.

Finns Pov

PB left and I looked back at (y/n) who was kind of cowering in the corner of the couch. I laughed a bit "Sorry, PB can be scary sometimes." She nodded and sat up a bit. I looked at the soaking wet bag she was still hugging tightly "What's so special about that bag?" She sat up kind of defensively but then slouched down again realizing that I didn't mean any harm by asking. "Uhh.. My mother made it, she carried it everywhere with her, and it was the one thing I could salvage from my house before escaping." "Oh, well do you want to dry it outside?" "Sure." She replied. She tried to get up again, seeming to forget all about her situation, she winced in pain and fell back on the couch, she chuckled and handed me her bag "would you mind?" She asked me. I took her bag and smiled "sure" I took her cape with me as well. I walked outside with jake following me. "What's in her bag?" He asked snooping around me. "I don't know, but you never look in a woman's bag Jake, that's wrong."
"But aren't you curious? And you have to take things out to let the bag dry anyway." I thought about it for a second before reaching the clothes line. "That's true I guess we have to." I emptied it out to find a lot of apples and a few vegetables but underneath an apple I saw something shiny, I picked it up and looked at the big locket at the end of a gold chain. Jake opened up the locket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. Jake unfolded the paper and I looked over his shoulder at it. It was a picture of (y/n) and her parents, looks like she was an only child. Jake flipped it over revealing a small map. "Huh?" Jake said "I don't know man but look." I point to the left bottom corner of the map "That looks like our tree house!" Jake looks closer "yeah I think it is!" "We should go ask (y/n) about this!" We hung up her bag and cape and went inside with the locket and picture. (Y/n) was just sitting there twiddling her thumbs when we came back in but looked up at us when we came closer. Jake held up the locket and map "We found these in your bag, what's up with the map?" She quickly grabbed the locket out of Jakes hand, and tightly held it in her hand and smiled at it. "Thanks for bringing this to me, I thought I lost it in the river or something." "No problem." Jake said "But what about this map?" I asked "Oh um I don't know, I never really figured it out, it was just there when I got it from my mum, and I never got around to ask her." She looked down at her hands fiddling with her necklace. She looked sad but she was also smiling "oh, well do you want to go see what it is after your leg is healed and PB's project is done?" She looked at me happily "sure!" She exclaimed

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